Online food delivery growth has become a trend in the fast-paced world. Grubhub Clone Script is an enhanced solution that makes it easier to place orders and get them delivered at home. It facilitates a digital shift to online ordering, which is built using cutting-edge technology and packed with top-notch features.

The Grubhub Clone includes Android and iOS apps for customers and delivery executives for ensuring faster access. Also, the restaurant panel empowers management from anywhere. Apart from this, it comprises a powerful admin panel to manage the entire process that ensures delivery and business management. Let’s explore the must-have features in a Zoom Clone app.

Customer App features of Grubhub Clone

  • Real-time tracking

The customer can track the assigned delivery executive’s location in real-time to ensure the time of arrival.

  • Cart

This makes the checkout process simpler and easier. Once the customers select a food item, it will be added to the cart. Before the confirmation of the order, they can add or remove the food items.

  • Order history

Customers have the option to access the entire list of previous orders as it is helpful if they want to repeat the order. It also includes transactional details.

  • Schedule orders

Using this feature, customers can schedule an order according to their convenience.

  • Estimated Time of Arrival

Once the customers confirm an order, the Grubhub Clone app displays an estimated time of arrival.

Delivery Executive App features of Grubhub Clone

  • In-app navigation

The built-in GPS navigation system lets the delivery executive prefer the shortest and best-optimized route to reach the customer’s location.

  • Earnings

The delivery executive can access their earnings history along with the payout-related information.

  • Accept/reject a delivery request

The app notifies the incoming delivery request to the delivery executives. They can either accept or reject it according to their availability or convenience.

  • Swift onboarding

Delivery executives can initiate the delivery activities once they register or sign up with the app using their email address or phone number.

  • In-app call/chat

In case of any location-related issues, the delivery executives can connect and interact with the customers via the app.

Restaurant Panel features of Grubhub Clone

  • Product management

Restaurant managers have access to alter the comprehensive suite of food items in the menu listing.

  • Menu management

Also, restaurant managers can modify the content of the menu. It includes description, ingredients, and pricing.

  • Order status

They can update the order status to the customers. It includes received, processed, out for delivery, and many more.

  • Order management

Restaurant managers can check the entire order process, including the number of received orders, processed orders, dispatched orders, returned orders, and so on.

  • Manage earnings

In the panel, restaurant managers can manage their earnings. They can retrieve daily, weekly, or monthly earnings reports.

Admin Panel features of Grubhub Clone

  • Customer management

You can ingress into the stack of information related to the customers who have registered the Grubhub Clone app.

  • Restaurant management

You can view and monitor the restaurants' lists with ease. You have the option to remove or add a restaurant based on the iterations of the app’s regulations.

  • Revenue management

In the admin panel, you can manage the financial-related information, including the total revenue, total profits, profitability rate, and profit per order hassle-free.

  • Analytical reports

Sustaining the competitive market is necessary as many new players come into play. The analytical reports provide detailed insights about your app. With this, consider building a strategy to uplift your business.

  • Centralized dashboard

You have the ability to access and modify anything related to the food delivery platform without any difficulties. In short, this ensures profile management.

How to stand apart from your rivals

Many newbie entrepreneurs are wishing to enter the online food industry as the demand for food ordering & delivery apps is surging tremendously. The fact is there are many existing big players in the market. Withstanding this competitive space isn’t quite easy. Just going ahead with the Grubhub clone app development is not sufficient. You have to come up with a unique business strategy and incorporate innovative & advanced features.

A few of the advanced features in the Grubhub Clone Script are listed below.

  • Multiple order
  • Social sharing
  • eWallet
  • Delivery radius
  • Takeaways

Wrap up

The future scope of the on-demand food delivery apps is good. The online food delivery segment is an open forum where there is a thriving opportunity for newbie entrepreneurs. Yes, it is your time to set foot into the lucrative industry with a fully-featured Grubhub Clone app.