A professionally settled bedroom is not easy to create. There are many factors involved such as making it visually beautiful, calming for the mind, and practical for daily use. When we walk into a hotel room, it’s perfectly balanced between luxury and placement of all furniture items. Walls are never empty and the rug is a perfect size that gives a soft feel upon walking barefoot. How do they make such a room so effortlessly? We can take inspiration from professional interior designers who create such bedrooms with perfection. We can get easily this bedroom furniture in Lahore and also make our bedrooms look chic like hotel rooms.

Are you the one who always gets headaches while designing bedrooms due to lots of furniture items available in the market? If the answer is yes then you don’t have to be worry anymore. We have got stunning tips and tricks to manage all the mess we create while designing our bedrooms. We don’t focus on light resources, we choose too many furniture items regardless of space availability and the list goes on!

Let’s check out what are the common mistakes we need to avoid while designing our dream house,

1 Right Selection of Furniture

Furniture is the most prominent component of a home. After completing the construction of the home, we have the most exciting task i.e. designing the color scheme and buying furniture for our lovely home. Furniture is generally the primary point of convergence of the home. It will be used throughout your life in your home. There are many furniture shops where you can get inspiration and understand what furniture items are trending and can uplift your bedroom.

2 A bedroom is not all about bed

A very common mistake which we often do is considering a bedroom filled with a huge bed. We forget the rest furniture items and even the need for storage for our wardrobe. We miss other vital furniture things like side tables and footstool. Begin considering the style and capacity of furniture things together. Pen down the entirety of your prerequisites. Try not to pass up things without whom your room appears to be excessively plain or needs to beguile.

3 Bedside Tables

We buy bedside tables without checking their size. The height of these side tables should be always in matching with the height of the bed. The main purpose of the similar height is that we can place our things on the table from the ease of bed i.e. we don’t have to step out of bed to take a glass of water from the bedside table. A night table should be maximum in width so that we can place a number of small essential things such as our phone charger, glasses, and water bottle.

4 Avoid Unnecessary Pillows

Having too many pillows on the bed gives such a clutter feel. This makes the bedroom look unorganized. We need to remove all those unwanted pillows which have made our bed look tiny. A perfect balance of pillows is a must for aesthetics!

5 A Big No to Bright Paint

We know choosing wall paint depends upon personal choice but it gives a disastrous impact on the whole appearance of the bedroom. A room should always be painted in a light color so that we can use pop-up colored furniture and glamorize the overall look.

6 Small Carpet in a Big Room

It’s a sin to place a small carpet in a big room. We need to cover a maximum of the room. A carpet should be big enough to cover all sides of the bedroom and leaving only 5-6 inches from each wall. You can buy traditional or geometrical patterned carpets from furniture shops in Lahore.