Dark circles, as is understood by their name, are darkening of the area under and around one’s eye. They are common in both females and males and are often accompanied by a baggy look, making the person look older than he/she is. What makes Dark Circles even more annoying is the fact that they are very hard to get rid of.

While any person belonging to any age group can get these dark circles, there are certain people who are more prone to getting it. Elderly people, people who have a genetic deposition to this condition and people who belong to nin-white groups have more chances of getting dark circles.

Nevertheless, dark circles are not something to worry about and do not need any medical attention. The most common cause of acquiring dark circles is fatigue. This is, however, not the only cause and the annoying circles can come as a result of many other factors. A few of these factors have been discussed below.


Dark Circles can be caused as a result of a number of factors. These probable factors have been discussed below:

1. Fatigue: Extreme Fatigue, oversleeping, or staying awake for even a few hours past your normal sleep schedule can result in the formation of dark circles. Sleeping less can make your skin get a pale and dull look which in turn allows the blood vessels and dark tissues lying beneath your skin to get prominent. The same factor can also cause fluids to accumulate underneath your eyes, gives the area a puffy use, and also resulting in the formation of shadows, which looks like dark circles.
2. Genetics: Genetics also play a major role in the formation of dark circles. Usually, in such a case, the dark circles get visible in early childhood, and it may deepen or disappear as they grow older. Predisposition to other diseases, like thyroid disease may also result in the formation of dark circles.
3. Eye Strain: Straining your eyes can cause the surrounding blood vessels to enlarge. This, in turn, causes the area to get darker. Staring at television or computer screen or a long period may strain one’s eyes.
4. Age: Aging is another factor in getting a dark circle. As one age, their skin becomes thinner and dark blood vessels which lie beneath the skin starts becoming visible. The decrease in fat and collagen also makes the skin lose its elasticity which contributes further to the formation of dark circles.
5. Dehydration: Lack of water may cause your skin to look dull which thereby sink your eyes, thereby giving the dark circle look. This sunken look is because of the close proximity to the underlying bone.
6. Sun Overexposure: Exposure to the sun produces melanin. When is exposure is excess, the melanin production increases which results in the formation of dark circles.


Now that we know what the probable causes of Dark circles are, we can move forward to discuss the treatments. While it is very tedious to get rid of dark circles, it is not an impossible task. The various available Dark Eye Circle Treatments In Singapore are often very effective, and they help a lot in coming up with an effective plan. To give you an insight into what methods work for this problem, a list has been given below:

1. Cold Compress: Applying a cold compress will dilute the blood vessels and reduce swelling, which will get rid of the puffy look, thereby eliminating dark circles.
2. Extra Sleep: Having a healthy sleeping schedule is always one of the best ways to eliminate dark circles. Make sure to follow a routine that allows at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep.
3. Soak with Teabags: Caffeine and Antioxidants which are present in these teabags help in increasing blood circulation, which in turn works to reduce the dark circles. Chill the teabags for around 20 minutes and hold them against your eye for 20 minutes to get the desired results.
4. Medical Treatments: You may also opt for medical treatments. Many clinics, such as LS Aesthetic provide such treatment. These treatments may involve the following:
○ Reduction of pigmentation with Chemical Peels
○ Laser Surgery for Skin Lightening and Resurfacing of skin
○ Medical Tattoos
○ Tissue Fillers to cover up the dark blood vessels
○ Fat Removal to get an even skin surface
○ Surgical implants of fat or synthetic products

These are a few of the options that are available to treat dark eye circles, and one may opt for what best suits them. Dark Eye circles are often temporary and are an indication of old age, and hence no mandatory treatment is required. Select the treatment which you think matches your life the most or just contact a dermatologist.