SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique in Digital Marketing that helps digital marketing agencies to get quality and quantity traffic on the website. The traffic generated by SEO is free or unpaid traffic and usually land on the website from search engines or blog post. Search Engine Optimization is the core technique in digital marketing, and as digital marketing is in trend, digital marketing agencies are making most of it. Digital marketing has proved to be one of the best marketing gimmicks in current digital generation. Digital marketing agencies try various approach and strategies to help their client reach the top of search engine results. What is Search Engine Optimization? Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing the content of the website and web pages to increase the quality and quantity of traffic on the website. Search Engine Optimization can be done in various ways. There is plethora of tools that helps in doing the search engine optimization of the website. A best SEO agency will always try to do successful SEO of client’s website for better results. SEO is a meticulous and intricate process, and involves myriad of planning and implementations. What are the types of Search Engine Optimization or SEO? There are several types of SEO in digital marketing the agencies exploit to get outstanding results. Some of them are listed below for better understanding. SEO SEO helps in propelling the brand’s online image by tweaking the content and placing the right content a user wants to read. A properly maintain content and website always have positive impact of SEO on it. This is the reason Search Engine Optimization is extremely important in Digital Marketing. Local SEO Often people times customers tend to search for the term “near me”. This means that the service or product a customer wants, they want to know the places where they can get the same products or services in neighborhood. Local SEO helps in such kind of situation. Local SEO services in nagpur helps the brand or business to spread the word locally about the business, product, and services they offer. International SEO International SEO is the type of SEO that helps the brand or business to get global online presence and visibility. International SEO is the next step of SEO and local SEO, when business is locally successful; it is time for it to take global. International SEO comprises multiple factors, like multiregional websites, multilingual content and much more. International SEO is an intricate process and requires long time for exposure. E-commerce SEO SEO of the e-commerce website is important as customers are always finding the right product for them. E-commerce website provides variety of products and of multiple categories. E-commerce SEO helps the brand or business to show the products on search engines and on social media platforms so that visitors, users, and potential customers get access to the products and services and lands on the website for more information. Conclusion Search Engine Optimization is an intricate and complex process, and the best SEO agency in Nagpur will always try to strive hard to get the brand online presence with the help of successful SEO techniques and approaches.