Url Full form in Hindi is Uniform Resource Locator. This is a formatted text string that is used in web browsers, email clients, or any other software to find a network resource. Network resources can be any files such as web pages, text documents, graphics, or programs. This type of protocol defines the network protocol so that a network resource can be easily accessed. These strings are often short names followed by three special characters "://" This is a typical name conversion that denotes the protocol definition. Typical Protocols that are used are such as HTTP (HTTP://), FTP (FTP://) etc. With the help of Host Substring, a destination computer or network device can be identified. Hosts come only from the standard Internet database such as DNS and which we also know by the name of IP addresses. The hostname of many websites does not represent just a single computer, but it shows that it is a group of WebServers. Tim Berners-Lee was the first to bring this technology to the world about Uniform Resource Locators. Who first brought this idea in front of everyone that such an organization which provides a unique locational address to all web pages. So that they can be easily searched online. After creating HTML, many pages were created on the World Wide Web using standard language and hyperlinks with it. After that, both of them were linked together. Due to this, the internet got bigger day by day.