In Madurai, the Devadoss hospital has created a doctor consultation mobile app called Second Opinion. In that, you can get the Prime doctor's second opinion for some charges. The app is free to download but paid for consulting. The app has more than 50+ specialties to cover all age groups for the consultation. You can make video calls to the specialists and ask any questions to them, and you can explain the symptoms.

Additionally, Before going for a second opinion first check the review about the service of the concerned doctors. Know the details about them like how many years they have been in the service. Also, check the doctors who have worked for a certain firm and how many years of experience they have.

Without delay, you can talk to the doctor and find the disease at an earlier stage. Because, getting the right treatment at the right time is the best decision by using doctor consultation online.

Android App link - Second Opinion, India's Best Doctor consulting app - Apps on Google Play