As the systems are getting upgraded on continuous rotation, hackers and independent companies are also working on unlock iCloud of Apple devices to get access to the individual's private data.

iCloud is one of the most secure systems where a user can store their data and be assured that it is impossible for iCloud Unlock to happen as there is a two-way authentication process involved to access the storage.

Innovative methods and tools

There are also other security features due to which it is not an easy task for a hacker or a scammer to gain access to the device. Even though hackers and other organizations try various innovative methods to gain access to an iCloud system, specific phishing tools are available online to hack the storage system.

How Apple product is bit worth of money?

If it is not possible to unlock iCloud through online tricks, the scammers are tricking the store employees by showing fake invoices and receipts to prove that they are legitimate users of the device they stole. For a thief, an Apple product is very convenient and is quite a bit worth of money.

It is easy to lift and smuggle and hide, but they face the issue in the technical department. Most of the owners register their devices to find their iPhone feature, which allows them to log into Apple site and detect the precise location of their phone. They can also remotely lock the phone, making it harder for the thief to sell the Apple device.

Concluding Lines

For an Apple device, iCloud unlock and device passcode are two separate things. An Apple device passcode will unlock the screen. In contrast, the iCloud password will give access to remove security features like Find my iPhone, associating the phone with a new account, and activation lock, which is critical while reselling the device.