The jiffy lube ac service is designed for periodic maintenance rather than ac repair, but rest assured jiffy lube can recommend the next steps to be taken to get your ac system up and running. Early detection of leaks or damage to your vehicle ac system can save you time and money, keeping you and everyone in your vehicle cool and worry free. A car air conditioning service, or aircon regas as it’s more commonly known, is a full check of your car’s system to ensure it is free from damage and leak.

We pressure test all a/c systems with nitrogen prior to filling an empty system. Nitrogen is an inert gas which is less harmful to the environment as it makes up 78% of our atmosphere. This pressure test allows us to search for any leaks within the system and repair them accordingly. If there is a leak we will aim to locate the leak and report with full costings of any repairs required. But how do you determine when your car’s air conditioning system is need of maintenance and/or repair? We show you ten signs of a bad or failing air conditioning which should serve as warnings.

Our air con recharge services are carried out by our franchised technicians. We offer an air con recharge service near you not only for the common r134a refrigerant but also for the newer r1234yf refrigerant found in most new vehicles. Contact your nearest technician to make an appointment and let us get that air con working again.

We are able to service a/c systems for both types of gasses on vehicles of all ages. The new gas produces 98% fewer climate-damaging pollutants so is a great step forward for the motor industry. ufabet air conditioning service with john delany motors on most vehicles manufactured prior to 2017 costs £60+vat, this service is for vehicles which run on r134a gas.

They have been in the service for more than 30 years and are in the limelight as one of the best car servicing in singapore. Mr. Eric ong as the founder of the company, dedicated most of his time on dealing with automotive and attending different courses to keep on track of the modern technological advances. They have been known in the industry for the quality of the work that they’ve done. Aside from this, heavy trucks, cranes, tractors, excavators, bulldozers are also covered by their repairing services. This is the reason why they’re considered to have one of the best car aircon services in singapore. They also mentioned the accommodating staff who helped them solve their car aircon issues in no time.

An air-con service also presents a good time to get the system de-bugged, which essentially decontaminates the whole system. This is recommended because aspects of the air-conditioning system are a breeding ground for bacteria, which in turn leads to bad odours. Car air-conditioning is a feature we've come to expect in the vast majority of new cars that are on the market. However, you may not realise that air-conditioning requires regular maintenance just like the rest of the vehicle. They also like to recommend parts which have been thoroughly tested to by their regular customers. E-rev motor sports will ensure that their customers will be very satisfied.