Full Movie Wish Dragon Flixtor. In the center of the storyline is an ordinary guy named Dean. He lives in a modern, multimillion-dollar Asian metropolis, where he delivers on his high-speed moped. Now he is single, but secretly in love with a charming girl whom he knew in early childhood. During that carefree period of time, they had fun together, joked a lot and vowed to be loyal and loyal friends for life. However, one rainy evening, she left with her fathers in an unknown direction, saying only before meeting. Her dad turned out to be a fairly rich and successful person, so she began to live in a luxurious mansion and make her own career. Now her posters are hung all over the city, which makes the hero's life unbearable. He constantly thinks about meeting and telling how he missed all these years. He decides to sew a chic suit to impress, but unexpectedly during the fitting, the green teapot he bought at the sale starts to come to life. A huge pink-purple dragon appears from him, he was there for a thousand years and is now ready to fulfill three desires and free himself forever. The hero does not believe in his luck, but the dragon reminds him that love spells are beyond his control.