Scent plays a critical role in the human experience beginning on our first day in the world.

Fragrances connect us with our food, our homes, with nature, and the world that we live in to enhance our lives in many ways.

The right scents can evoke pleasant feelings and promote overall improvement in psychological health.

Because scent is so closely associated with the emotional centers of the brain, research has shown that emotions may be influenced by what we smell. Beyond nurturing emotional memories, fragrance may help brain function in positive ways. It’s positively associated with nostalgia, memory, and self-image—which means the right scents can evoke pleasant feelings and promote overall improvement in well-being. And research suggests that the practice of smelling or applying essential oils for therapeutic benefit may aid psychological health, from reducing stress to promoting brainpower.

Fighting bad smells

People often think fragrance is all about good smells, but fragrance technology plays a big role taking on malodors, the technical name for “stinky smells” (think garbage, public latrines, or body odor). While they are a fact of life, unaddressed malodors can create a variety of harms:

Fragrance for good

Fragrances—especially those found in products with additional odor-eliminating components—can also be used to counter malodor and promote quality of life in the real world

The fragrance connection runs deep

The fragrance connection runs very deep. There’s some evidence for a genetic preference for scents, so you’re more likely to be drawn to scents that trigger positive memories and emotions based on neurological connections built by life’s experiences. Maybe you’re drawn to vanilla fragrances because they remind you of the smell of your parents’ home during the winter holidays. Perhaps time and again you choose perfumes with tropical notes to be transported back to a beach vacation. Or maybe you look forward to falling asleep with lavender-scented bed linens every night. No matter what fragrances you’re drawn toward, you can be pretty sure there’s a reason hidden somewhere in your brain’s memory drive a finding suggested by the improvement in the dementia of Alzheimer’s patients undergoing scent therapy.

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