Google is an inevitable part of our lives today right from our phone to TV everything demands is dependent on Google hence facing issues with our Google account, play store or Google devices is obvious. Although most of the problems can be solved online on Google help forum but there are some instances where we get stuck and there seems no way out at that moment we seek for immediate human assistance from Google. Hence if you wish to speak to a Google representative, then here the options available:

  1. Google customer care phone number

Although Google does not provide a customer service number but if you are facing a very serious issue with any Google product or service then still you have the option to contact the Google Headquarters. But chances of getting a response on this number is less. Hence, if you want urgent human help for Google services or products, you can contact the third party services where a customer representative can assist and guide you instantly.

  1. Google live chat

If you have questions related to Google store products, then you can do a live chat with a Google representative on the Google store help page. Just complete the three steps under which you need to first describe your issue, confirm the issue and then submit your details. Thereafter you can chat live with a Google representative 24/7. This option is available only for Google store products. If you want instant help for your Google account issues, then third party services will provide customized solutions for your problems.