Fitness no more needs to be boring and tiring. Make it exciting, fun and challenging with boxing classes at Melbourne. Besides fun and enjoyment, there are many, many benefits of practicing boxing for fitness. Let us check out why you need to box for fitness.

To Burn Fat

This is the key reason why most people exercise. Boxing can be a great way out to burn fat as much as 500 calories in each session. This is because boxing is a high intensity fitness activity and you just do not burn fat during the session but also continue to burn fat after that. On the other hand, in general cardio exercises, you burn fat only while training. While boxing, the muscles are contracted for longer. This causes more amount of fat burn in less time.

To Improve Muscle Tone

If you do not require lot of bulk but just want to tone up the physique, joining boxing classes in Richmond can be a good idea. The science behind this is, punching is a repetitive action which can produce taut muscles. Slow, controlled and heavy movement like weight lifting can give you size and bulk.

To Build Strong Bones and Ligaments

Boxing is a form of resistant training. It enables strong bones and ultimately reduces the chances of osteoporosis. In boxing, the focus pads and punching bags provide resistance as does when you perform push-up, pull-up, lunges and burps. The joints, tendons and ligaments may also get stronger when working against resistance. Check out if your boxing gym has heavy bags and punch bags. Exercising with these is essential to get a toned body.

To Boost Cardio Strength

Start taking beginner boxing classes at Richmond to get a strong heart. Boxing ensures full body movement; this means when you are throwing punches, the complete body muscles contract at the same time. While boxing, the maximum capacity of the cardiovascular system is tested. If you are new into boxing, the trainers will conduct exclusive classes suiting your body strength and capability. Gradually, you can train your heart and lungs in delivering more oxygen through high intensity boxing.

To Improve Core Stability

Core muscles help the body keep balance. Boxing in simple words means loads of fast and rational movements. Gradual practice will strengthen the core muscles and help you punch hard, without losing the balance. Enrol for beginner boxing classes in Melbourne to strengthen the core muscles.

To Boost Confidence

The best boxing gyms in Melbourne take classes within the boxing rings. When you directly punch and fight your opponent within the boxing ring, the confidence increases. Hitting stuff can really make you feel good! Thus, boxing again acts like a stress buster. Take out the stress of your life in a controlled and safe environment.


Transform your body, shape and fitness with boxing. Top boxing gyms like Tribute Boxing helps with both fitness training and professional boxing. You can learn this exciting game with the help of expert trainers. The institute offers classes as per your capability. You can also pick your own time for the session.

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