It is very evident that mobile apps are trending and the impact of the mobile apps are evident on all the business may be small or big and the impact is always profitable .This is the main reason it has become mandatory for all the business to have the mobile apps But rather than developing the mobile apps the mobile app development companies in dubai and around the world are deciding on how the cost of the mobile apps can be reduced one of the way most of the companies are using now is developing the apps using react native apps

Now what is a React Native?

React native is a cross platform app development platform where cross platforms are used to develop the apps for the multiple platforms with the same code The advantage of the cross platform mobile app is that they are cost reductive and are faster when compared to the bative app development

Lets see

How React Native Mobile Apps can reduce the cost of mobile app development?

There are 5 ways that the mobile app development costs can be reduced through native mobile apps

The Time taken for the mobile app development is less

Time some time plays a vital role in mobile app development when you have the strict deadlines React native has its role in developing the apps faster since it allows you to transfer the code base between the mobile platforms and they are based upon the modules you want to utlilize

There is significant reduction in time when you are developing the mobile apps using react native when compared to developing the apps in particular to android or, this is a very important factor in reducing the cost of mobile app development

The apps developed in react native is easier to maintain

When you ar developing the apps native to the platforms the need to update the apps according the updates in os versions are kind of mandatory,but the react native apps will reduce the maintainance of the apps when ever the platforms are updated

You can reuse the components many times in react native app

In react native apps the block of the codes that can be resued can be made Here the design of the apps can be maintained as per the platforms The component specific structure is impossible with the native mobile apps but with the react native apps they can easily be done

Apps on react native are compatible on most of the devices

As there are innovations on the mobile devices there are a wide range of devices that are coming to the market and the apps have revamped according to the device when you are developing the apps using the native code and this takes a lot of time and money as well

But on the other hand the apps that are developed using the react native are compatible for most of the devices,which inturn means the time involved in revamping the apps to the devices and the cost involved in doing so will be automatically reduced

Integration of inbuilt elements of a device is simple

When you are developing the apps using the react native apps you have the added advantage where in you can easily implement the features of the device such as the bluetooth,gps and so on which cannot be done with any other cross platforms app development platforms This advantage of the react native platform will reduce the load speed and the memory utilization of the apps


Mobile app development companies will work on the requirements of the clients and most of them want the apps to be developed at the lower cost and for those with that requirement react native apps are the best solution