Chettinad Cotton Sarees are noted for their fine, textured, checked look that is also very rare in other cotton fabrics. The intricate methods of weaving employed to create chettinad saree threads creates a shimmering, luxuriant look for the soft cotton fabric, which makes them both elegant and comfortable. The best feature of these cotton sarees is that they can be worn casually and can also be teamed up with frills and other embellishments. The collection of chettinad saree has a wide range of colors to choose from, making it easy for women to find one that will match their lifestyle and taste.

The rich south Indian tradition of embroidery has been applied successfully in the making of Chettinad Cotton Sarees. The threads are made using fine silk materials that are obtained from the Talentedhar region of Karnataka, India. The woven threads are then colored with henna, giving each piece a beautiful sheen and adding to its lustrous beauty. To give the area an exquisite sheen, the color of the thread is first lightened a few shades so that it matches the richness of the south Indian silks. The finest silks that can be found in this part of India are those derived from the region called the Kinakka or Koodalakkhar. The richness of these silks has been used for centuries to craft gorgeous sarees.

South Indian tailors take great care in making Chettinad Cotton Sarees that suit different occasions. These are available in a variety of designs and cuts, suitable for all occasions and seasons. For instance, the pleated style skirts can be worn during summers and the skirts with fringes can be worn during winters. The cotton sarees usually have patterns that vary with different colors. They can be modest as well as sexy pieces.

One can wear a plain headdress with these pieces. For formal events, one may choose a chiffon or silk headdress with the saree while casual wear cotton without blouse read can be worn with this kind of dress. The skirt is available in short and long styles suitable for different events.

A plain piece of chettinad cotton saree with a large top is an extremely stylish outfit that can be worn at any time. It can be worn in different ways such as working, playing and for occasions like marriages or parties. The garment can also be teamed up with other accessories such as a pair of earrings, a necklace or even a bracelet. This piece of clothing is available in various colors such as beige, light brown and chocolate brown and can be found in varying styles such as the crepe, tea length or the traditional knee length piece.

A South Cotton Chettinad Cotton Sarees with a blouse piece in the same color is a great combination especially if the blouse piece is plain and the area has a rich, luxurious and complex embroidery work on it. One can find pure cotton sarees that have a heavy design on the bottom and this can be accompanied with embellishments on the top. These can include beads, zardosi work, corduroy, floral prints, sequins and embroidery work.