The acquisition of high-quality, reliable, and statistically accurate data is the sole aim of every clinical research trial ever conducted. The effective data collected must be managed efficiently to ensure the accuracy of the collected data and proper reports, entry, and validation.

As a vital phase of a clinical research trial process, it is important to build, establish and maintain organization-wide protocols for the management of data to make sure the consistency of all teams and departments involved in the clinical research organization. These are required to be determined at the very beginning of the clinical research courses study. It is done by determining what data is required in order to answer the needed scientific question that one's study originates from.

Any form of miscommunication and ambiguity in the management of data can lead to dire consequences while also wasting resources and staff time, ultimately putting the whole clinical research organization at risk. Good data quality exists only when the acquired data is suitable for the use case at hand. The most accurate data lies at the heart of every clinical research organization's tactical and strategic steering.