The best trick to find the right EHR solution for your small practice, with the right features and at the right price is to know exactly what your practice requires - and what it does not need in the way of added fees and non-essential features. You should look for a low-cost software that offers ease of use with all the tools and capabilities that will make your small medical facility paperless. According to our market research, small or solo practices consider a Health IT solution “affordable” if it costs less than $500 per month and provides essential features. Investigating what your peers recommend can also help you narrow down your EHR options.

If you are reading this article, chances are you are on the hunt for an affordable software that provides the capabilities you need to ensure proper operational efficiency. To help you and your healthcare facility make the best choice for your providers’ and patients’ needs, consider the following vendors making to our list of EHR systems for small healthcare practices.

  • Kareo Clinical

Kareo Clinical is one of our top picks for electronic health record systems for small practices because it is an easy to use, cloud-based, and inexpensive software that is effective at what it does. This solution offers an integrated and comprehensive set of tools, such as EHR, practice management, and medical billing. It employs automations to simplify communications with patients, including appointment reminders via text, email, or phone, as well as post visit communications. Users can easily custom brand automated reminders to include their practice's color scheme and logo.

Key features of this software include patient scheduling, customized dashboard, reporting and analysis, visualization, appointment management, and data tracking. Kareo supports a number of specialties, such as mental health, pediatrics, family medicine, chiropractic, podiatry, and cardiology. It is mostly suitable for smaller practices.

Pricing Details: The pricing plan for Kareo starts at $80 per user per month. You can sign up for a free demo of the software to test-drive it before purchase.

  • Praxis EMR

Praxis EMR offers an award-winning EMR solution that serves thousands of healthcare providers across the US. It is a customizable solution that employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) called Concept Processing that is designed to self-learn while the user charts in free text. It uses AI instead of templates to learn the way each physician operates to seamlessly adapt to their unique needs. This platform supports multi-deployment options, enabling clinics and medical practitioners to choose between cloud-based and on-premise deployment. Praxis’ billing interface gives users the flexibility to change or trade-up their billing solution according to the clinic's requirements.

Concept learning allows healthcare experts to complete complex patient cases in a timely manner, leaving sufficient time to attend to more patients. It also allows providers to generate custom reports and documents in their preferred style of writing, rather than using pre-designed templates. Praxis EMR is suitable for small and midsize practices.

Pricing Details: The pricing plan for Praxis EMR is $219 per month, which includes implementation and training. It also offers a free demo.

  • CareCloud

Founded in 2009, CareCloud offers an all-in-one electronic health record, practice management, and revenue cycle solution that helps small practices to grow, while providers can focus on what matters the most – providing quality care to patients. This platform serves physicians in over 50 different specialties and 48 states. Users can automate most of their tedious tasks that can slow their practice down. In addition to this, its analytics provide real-time feedback on a practice's performance, so that users can easily manage their business.

The vendor offers a cloud-based software and released a mobile app back in 2014. CareCloud was listed as 28th in Forbes' "Most Promising Companies" list in 2014.

Pricing Details: CareCloud licensing price is set at $279, with only a single pricing plan being offered for all users.

  • PrognoCIS

PrognoCIS is a fully integrated and cloud-based electronic medical software that offers EHR, practice management, and billing solutions. This affordable system is certified by ONC-ATCB and for Meaningful Use. The features that contribute to a small facility's efforts to excel in healthcare include appointment management, billing management, charting, e-prescribing, patient portal, and handwriting recognition capabilities. Users can easily streamline their day-to-day tasks to increase operational efficiency.

PrognoCIS enables users to manage their finances and reduce extra expenditure on training. A comprehensive billing system adds to the potential of a small medical facility, and the vendor's team of experts guides them through each phase. This EHR product is suitable for small medical practices as well as large multispecialty setups.

Pricing Details: The pricing plan for PrognoCIS EMR is $250 per month. The vendor also offers a free trial for potential buyers.

  • Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion offers a cloud-based EHR software that is certified by ONC-ATCB and for Meaningful Use. This solution also maintains HIPAA compliance and offers features, such as patient scheduling, e-prescribing, charting, lab and imaging integration, voice recognition, and other integrated functionalities. It is a dominant product for 1-3 clinician practices, but is also suitable for practices and clinics of all sizes.

The software allows users to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on caring for patients with its leading-edge patient engagement and practice management tools. Before January 2018, the vendor offered a free version, but now it is available for a subscription fee.

Pricing Details: The pricing plan for Practice Fusion is $99 per user per month, and the vendor offers a free trial.


The list of EHR systems that we mentioned in this article should help you discover the right low-cost software solution for your medical practice. The products mentioned above offer the most bang for the buck by saving healthcare providers time and money and helping them to ensure quality patient care. To learn more about these low-cost EMR systems, you can visit Software Finder.