What does Blacklisting mean?

Blacklisting of the website takes place when a website has been removed from their index by the search engine. Generally, there are individuals who are responsible for maintaining websites, called Webmasters and they pay attention to all such banned websites. It is necessary to pay attention because a website loses about 95 percent of its traffic if blacklisted. It also has a huge impact on profit generation and sales of the enterprises. Are you worried about your website too? ESDS has a solution for you. You can check your domain’s blacklisting status with ESDS’ VTMScan. ESDS VTMScan will check for blacklisting status as well as for all the malware intrusions.

When do domains get blacklisted?

Websites get banned when certain irregularities are found on the website and they are generally assumed to be a Malware. A website can be hacked in various forms such as trojans, phishing attacks, email spamming and even scraping information. A lot of times even the domain owners are not attentive about their own sites being hacked. Search engines such as Google, Bing, etc generally do not show harmful results. This is done in order to retain customers at the same time it is made sure that user’s computers are kept away from all the harm.

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