Video creation is neither simple nor inexpensive. Many businesses decide to incorporate video into their marketing plan without knowing how much it would cost or how long it will take — particularly during pre-production. The truth is that the most crucial aspect of the video production process occurs before the camera begins to roll. You can't make a great film without first planning out how you're going to do it, as with most things. Not only will planning ahead of time save you time, but it will also save you money.
Here's what you should do once you've come up with an excellent video project concept.
1) Define your target market.
Creating buyer personas, which are thorough descriptions of your potential consumers written as if they were actual people, is part of the process of defining an audience. After all, your target market consists of more than one buyer with a single interest. When planning your video material, keep in mind that the people you're targeting are likely to have overlapping interests.

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