The macbook isn’t just a computer anymore. With the pandemic and the whole Work from Home scenario it has became an important friend to every editor, content creator and business person. Here are some Gifts that you can give to your friend for helping you through the lockdown.

Take a look at these premium Macbook skins which will keep your beloved laptop protected from scratches, smudges and stains of all kind. Along with the protection the skins give an immaculate makeover to your macbook.

Here are Top 8 Easy to Install textures for your macbook which you cannot miss to have.

1. The Honeycomb.

The textured maze design on these durable 3M Vinyls are grippy and give classic finish to your lappie. It is simple and elegant, not too loud not too muted just the perfect Add on which has four color variants too .i.e Gold, Blue, Black, Grey.

2.The camouflage.

Young, wild but classic is how one can define the camouflage texture. Available in Black and Green it has a fine finish of a camo shade which blends into whatever the color or design of your workspace is.

3.Charcoal Leather

A treat for the black lovers the charcoal leather texture gives a cold burned look to your macbook. A rough texture and a matte shine is what makes this texture an even more attractive piece of accessory for you macbook.

4. Rustic Gold.

Pure Elegance is what people at call the rustic gold texture. It shines, it blends, it is everything that other basic skins are not. The rich feel of it is like a crown on the macbook.

5.Crocodile Leather Black.

This texture hands down feels like and Armani crocodile leather jacket for your macbook. The precise and detailed textured and the shiny black finish the best clothing that you can provide to your Laptop. Rest assured no crocodiles were harmed in making this skin.

6. Marble Series.

The Marble skin can easily be called the best macbook accessory owing to its very firm and gradient finish. Black marble skin with white wrinkles or white marble skin with black wrinkles both the option gives a flavour full look to your macbook in and sure becomes a head turner.

7. Color Series.

The Last but not the least on the list is the color series because it is your macbook and you have the right to choose what color it should be. 8 colors namely, Black, Red, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Orange, Green and Blue gives you enough freedom of choice. You can always customize with different colors like Black for the back and red for the trackpad or any other option you want it to be.

8. Wooden

Nothing is more satisfying than to watch that bright apple logo shine through the elegant wooden skin on you macbook. The wooden texture gives a loud natural look to your laptop and it blends in so well that no one but you can tell that it is an add on. Wooden ebony, wooden zebra and wooden Eagle are the options available for to you to choose from.

The List Does not Sum up over here, There are still many textures that you can select; carbon fiber series, stone series, matrix, Wooden to name a few. All the textures are precise, premium, pre glued and easy to install. They fight scratches, heating and splashes like it is nothing. All you have to do is visit and the rest is a piece of a cake with the super user friendly site interface.