The way we communicate and consume information is always changing thanks to social media. Material marketers who are most successful are those who constantly produce content across many social media platforms. The same may be said for video. It is becoming a more significant part of the promotional arsenal, with 65 percent of SMEs and major businesses finding it to be the most engaging communication medium for their target audiences.
Here are some compelling reasons to incorporate video into your social media strategy.
1. Attract the eyeballs
Video is an excellent technique for capturing the attention of your target audience. It is exceedingly easy to swallow, as opposed to a large paragraph. We're all guilty of skimming through our social media feeds passively, with just the most interesting material cutting. You may be succinct and captivate the attention of your audience in the first few seconds with video. Before consumers have an opportunity to scroll away, you should include clear signs of the video's purpose at the outset.

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