Seeing the heading, all of you must have felt that this is a very simple task to do.You all need is just a data cable to do this.All you have to do is to insert one end of the data cable into the hard disk and the other end to the external port of the MacBook.

Before going any further, First see which problems do we face while connecting hard disk to MacBook.

The biggest issue is with “Mac Operating System” is that at the time of external hard drive connection it is only in “Read Only” mode that means it is only able to read the Data. Most of the external Hard Drive is loaded in the NTFS format that’s why Mac OS just have access to read the Data. It is not set to perform the right performance on the hard drive.

So to perform both Read & Write operations on Hard Drive, You’ll need to install a third party application.

Is external hard drive not showing up in your macBook?

Here’s the step that you need to follow:

  • First step is to, Connect your Hard Disk to your MacBook Pro
  • Then press the Shift + Command + U
  • And then, click the Disk Utility option that showed up
  • Select the Hard Disk of yours from the disk utility
  • Choose the Erase tab on the right corner
  • Next step, is to choose the volume format you want
  • In Mac OS: Select the Mac OS Extended option
  • And in PCs : Select the MS-DOS(FAT) option
  • Now your Hard Drive will be formatted to FAT32 Version
  • On the bottom left corner of your display, You’ll see the Erase Button
  • Click, the Erase button
  • And that’s it, Your hard disk is now completely ready to connect with MacBook Pro
  • Now your MacBook will both Read & Write data from your Hard Drive

Finally, we came to an end to this guide on How to connect the external hard drive to MacBook Pro. Hope you guys like this post.

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