If the Sun in 10th house is strong, then it gives benefits of fame by getting government work or government job or karma. The person becomes a capable and reputed person in all deeds. The person is industrialist, virtuous, works with pride, is interested in dance, Geet, etc. Like a king, who gets success in all works easily, one who gets separation from lovers and suffers from mother, guilty in mind, having superior intellect, last of life The patient in the part, the one who gets the benefit of father's happiness and wealth, is brave, virtuous intellect, writer, who loves art-skills and gets a high position in a government job. If the sun in 10th house is very auspicious, such a person becomes famous and well-known with the pleasures of royalty, royal minister, city builder, progeny, skilled businessman, very courageous, music-loving, public servant, rich-grained servant, gem-Bhoomi, etc. If the Sun is of Taurus, then the person is doing agricultural work, if he is of Cancer zodiac, then he is benefited from travel, if he is of Aries or Leo, then he is violent or and if he is of low Libra, then he gets little happiness from his father. . One gets fame due to education in his youth. The father suffers. If the Sun is exalted or self-gracious, then the person becomes strong, successful, and gets fame due to the construction of buildings, temples, reservoirs, etc., or other construction work. If the Sun is sinful or aspected, then the person becomes sinful, lowly, corrupt, and of evil nature. If the Sun is under the influence of three benefic planets, then the person becomes a mighty, famous, efficient government servant or a favorite of government dignitaries.