Pharma franchisee business is booming all over the world, particularly in India. Do you even have an idea that Pharma franchisee companies are making lots of profit globally when compared to other sectors? The primary reason behind this is the increasing demand for medicines and healthcare services. This industry is all set to gain a stable profit in the coming years irrespective of the economic conditions. Therefore, most young career aspirants are looking forward to choosing this particular sector but they actually don’t know where and how to start PCD pharma franchisee.

Here, in this article, you will get all information and important tips on PCD pharma franchisee which will guide you well if you are planning to start your own franchisee business without any hassles.

Difference between PCD Pharma and Pharma Franchise

In pharma franchise, the allotted areas are much bigger and the sales target is also higher. Such businesses need a high level of eligibility as well as fund investment. But, on the other hand, PCD Pharma has lower sales target and investment. This business segment is quite suitable for wholesalers, pharma retailers, distributors and medical representatives.

Experience and qualification for PCD Pharma Franchise

While most of the businesses need a person with rich experience, PCD franchise business structure attracts even those who don’t have much of experience and high qualification but are determined to enjoy success through their hardwork.

Registration documents for PCD pharma franchise

PCD pharma industry has strict norms since the lives of people depends upon the medications that are manufactured by them. Before starting a PCD pharma franchisee business, it is compulsory to obtain all the required documents like:

  • the drug license number
  • TIN- Tax Identification Number
  • FSSAI registration certificate
  • Register for GST- Good and Sale tax.

Without these important documents, you may encounter legal issues.

The licenses can be obtained from:

  • State Drug Standard Control Organization
  • Central Drug Standard Control Organization

Investment Requirement

The minimum requirement for PCD franchise business may vary from company to company. You can start with only Rs 10, 000 to as much as 3 to 4 lakhs. The investment is very low and can be offered by many different PCD pharma companies across PAN India.

Procedure to start a PCD Pharma Franchisee

  • Select appropriate location for your franchise business
  • Choose a reputed PCD Pharma Company after elaborate research
  • Ask the selected firms if they accept franchising
  • Finalize your deal with the best PCD pharma company after knowing their offerings and benefits. The company must follow the quality control standards and should never run out of demanding medicines
  • Ask for monopoly rights as this will help you rule over your chosen zone and keep the sales under your control
  • Obtain all the required licenses and you are all set to run your own PCD pharma franchisee business.

So, now you have a clear idea about who can start and how you can start a PCD Pharma Franchisee. You may join hands with Albia Biocare and enjoy the benefits of doing PCD pharma franchisee business in this developing industry.