In this 21st century and every individual is dreaming of having their own business startups. Businesses work to make their online presence strong by significantly targeting and developing their business worldwide. However, sticking to only one city or one country might not be useful for startups in the long run. Especially in e-commerce businesses, online presence is very significant, and VPS Hosting enables you to maintain your online venture effectively.

Navicosoft provides VPS hosting in Iran with reliability, scalability, and flexibility. A cheap VPS hosting team in Iran monitors your server for custom configuration.

Major Points to Ponder before selecting cheap VPS hosting:

  • Often to conserve a good user experience, a site should have a fast loading time with good network connectivity. You will also need 99.9% up-time and relevant content on your site to progress.
  • Web Hosting plays an important role in running a site smoothly. In order to convey online business operations firmly, you will need dedicated servers.
  • Less investment of money is of no use, and you will not get good results.

What is the solution for this?

The best solution is to dive into the research of a reliable VPS hosting in Iran. A major advantage of a cheap VPS hosting to small businesses is the amount of space and best resources.

How is VPS Hosting Iran Useful for Startups?

Speedy Performance:

The page load time of a site or application is important for various business operations. According to the search statistics, if a page doesn’t load within 6 7 seconds, it reflects a high bounce rate and poor user experience. Hence Google SEO ranking factors consider page loading time as an essential element. Fast loading site means more visitors, which ultimately means more customers.


VPS Hosting in Iran provides high-level security as compared to shared hosting. Since resources and VPS hosting services are separate, clients have fewer chances of facing vulnerability, downtime, or other server issues. In addition, it results in the high performance of your site and hosting services. Therefore you will get plenty of time to concentrate on the business rather than focusing on the technical issues.

Affordable Cost:

Before making a conclusion, VPS hosting services cost more than Shared Hosting. But on the other hand, cheap VPS hosting is affordable compared to Dedicated Server Hosting with almost the same features.


VPS hosting Cheap provides features to upgrade the plan, which is very useful for startups. You can get the add-ons anytime as your business resource needs grow. You will have to pay for purchasing the resources you don’t require. But the best choice with VPS Hosting is that you can add on resources as soon as your small business grows.


Navicosoft provides you an astonishing top-performing with stable machines located in a high-tech data center to facilitate you. Our 24/7 top support is available by professionals on live chat, tickets, and phone to assist you. VPS hosting Iran plans are completely customizable to match your hosting needs. Hence you can upgrade anytime as your website grows.