World's Only Flying Super Seawind. Welcome to, the home of the fastest single engine Amphibian Plane.

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The World's Fastest Single Engine Amphibious Airplane

How I Started?

I started my friendship with small airplanes in the Army at age 19 as an aircraft repairman and crew chief from 1966-69. I maintained and flew in Beavers, Otters, Queen Air, and just about every helicopter the Army had in its arsenal. It was 1997 when I landed my dream, a private pilot’s license with USAF Aero Club, Hanscom AFB. I flew club C-172s, Cherokees, and Arrows. Over the next ten years I added Instrument, high performance, complex and seaplane sign-offs. In 2000 I purchased a Seawind kit. I then added a PT6-20 engine and a G 1000 avionics suite.

World's Only Flying Super Seawind

Welcome to, the home of the fastest single engine Amphibian Plane.


All glass, state of the art, navigation and communications suites.


The Fastest Single Engine SeaPlane in the world.


Powerful PT6-20A

Performance Overview

Building and flying the world’s fastest single-engine amphibious airplane is fun and challenging. Join me on this thrilling journey to lofty levels of aviation today. To get you in the right seat let’s begin with a 19- minute excursion provided by a link to the former kit maker, Seawind North America at YouTube promoting their never realized dream of producing and selling an FAA certified version of the Seawind.

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