Generally speaking, when people start their conversation stating their experiences as an awakening, they sincerely do not refer to the horrible moment when your alarm goes off far too early on a Monday morning, after a relaxed weekend. Awakening wellness is a far more positive and spiritual connotation, experienced by individuals about the situations which can be a hard thing to put into actual words because the process was an eye opening or an awakening wellness experience which is ardently personal and subjective, meaning entirely different to different people.

If we understand the term in its simplest expression, awakening wellness is an experience where illusions are entirely shattered and suddenly the individual experiences a moment or phase of self-realization. Maybe, some can discover certain assumptions or understandings related to their previous operating flaws or incomplete notions, but gaining a heightened sensitivity and awareness is a must during this process. However, the metaphor of awakening wellness merely can suggest a shift in the state of your conscious level.

Experiencing awakening feelings thus, allows you to shed your unconscious dream-state and then truly perceive the reality. Every individual finds this path after a multitude of time via following any process or treatment. Some believe to stay put and close to nature, therefore opting for a yogic path. An awakening experience can be linked with the Yogic Philosophy, that we all humans on earth share a universal consciousness. Yogis since centuries believe that our perception of ourselves is always as unique, separate and lying as an individual entity is merely just an illusion. This false illusion therefore takes the form of our developed ego, falling with all of its attachments to the materialistic world. Therefore, to be awakened, we all need an experience in a falling format away from our ego, and only uncovering a realization of our own unique interconnectedness and divinity.

Many individuals understand awakening being synonymous with the ultimate spiritual enlightenment, where an individual identity is said to completely dissolve with our understanding and the ego is thereby destroyed, never to return. However, to complete the validation, there is a narrow definition, as an awakening can hence become a much gentler and subtler experience. Therefore, you should simply become aware that the existence of your consciousness should be more than your chaotic choices and thought process. You will also experience the sudden sense of utmost freedom from your usual attachments towards things which are ardently important for you.

Awakening for many is just a significant step and landmark on their utmost spiritual path; however it may come as a quick experience, leaving an impact for many years with disciplined themes of medication practice or simply something natural as Yoga. It may not be your final destination; however it could be a simple mark for new beginnings, being more enlightened with the necessary development. Although, whatever it is, it is simply something which one should not need to chase. Instead via medication or yoga, you will definitely open yourself up for new innovative experiences.

Descriptions and stories will vary, some will say blissful, some life-changing, but at the end of the day this transformative event will leave you with a feeling of happiness, content and peace, with a compassion and love for others and definitely self-worth for yourself.