Possibly you need to rethink your plans to crack down on immigration to Canada. However, the facts that are revealed to be, you will change your mind.

Canada is currently amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The borders will be closed to the use of discretionary travel. Government officials usually have to work from home. The Royal Bank of Canada predicts that there will be no 170,000 or less for immigrants than it is scheduled for COVID-19. At the same time, many counties are in the early stages of rebuilding its economy. Council to make an order for the closure of the Canada-united states' border, and the Canadian international travel, airports, will expire on June 21, and 30, respectively.

If you think logically, it is good news for all potential applicants that the FSW program is the major program for immigrants in the country. The CEC is an additional mode.

The gates will open soon, and it has been speculated that the crash recovery, will go down to a balance between the number of frames that have been disrupted in the last 3-4 months, it will influence the levels of immigration to the plan.

The clever way to provide everything and to follow your profile to take advantage of the opportunity, and when it is done.

The question that many ask is what will happen to Canada's immigration system.


During the process, many of which are temporary resident applications have been suspended for COVID-19, the ability of citizens to make them go further. The subtext is clear. When COVID-19 ends, there will be a wide range of applications. We anticipate significant delays in the execution of this, but if we look at them positively, they are still going on.

For COVID-19, the deadline for the submission of sensitive data, upon receipt of the instructions is 30 days. At the beginning of the COVID-19, this period is extended to 90 days. New biometric instructions and a due date. It should not be surprising, therefore, is, in this case, as the applicant, in the future, they'll tell you that they're about half a year to provide personal data until the debt is clear.

As an alternative, and hopefully, the IRCC may be temporarily exempt from the biometrics requirement to all of the applicants, as it was recently done for the workers in the health sector, the agricultural sector, and the agro-food industry, such as truck drivers.


For COVID-19, and the number of the Integrated Ranking System of points that are required for the Express Registration the applicant will receive an invitation to apply for a job and was about 470. After the COVID-19, this figure has dropped to 437. This was mainly because of the potential registrants that did not qualify for the examinations or to obtain a competency assessment as to the companies providing the services are to be closed), and also because of the IRCC is stopped and inviting, the Federal Skilled Worker Program in order to apply for a permanent residence permit.

On June 11, 2020, the IRCC issued an Invitation to apply in the Canadian Experience Class 3,559 applicants. The required result is 437. However, there have been 30,188 people's profiles, which had 441 points.


It is almost trite to say that shutting down the economy is tough, and re-opening it will be even more difficult. This is not the first time that Canada is facing a similar situation, and to always be overcome by the fast-regulation, and support for the economy to return to normal, the funds were introduced in response to COVID-19, which is the period of time to take in order to solve the problem. The advice is still the same. Those of you who are currently eligible for the program you would like to apply, you must apply for it, because the future is very, very blurry.

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