It’s quite right to say that your business cards represent your services and brands. It is the most direct way of broadcasting your services to the masses. So, attention to detail is a must while designing personalized business cards because of their powerful marketing impact. They are exchanged between the people to know more and contact the company when in need. Thus, it should be professional yet impressive to look at. They reflect your brand image and help in promoting them. From small businesses to large ones, whenever a service is provided to someone, the business owners or the representatives tend to give out the visiting card. So, why take your business card design so lightly?

Visiting cards are used as the “storefront” by the company managers. Thus, the way you design your cards can make a good or bad impression on the minds of the customers. Thus, opting for a professional card designer along with a good business card printing service is important. The cards should not be bland and out-dated. So, going for the right visiting card printing services that use the latest technology and methods is also necessary. The excellent branding options without compromising on your pocket are a way to suit your needs and get the best out of these printing companies. The business card designs vary according to the client’s need as the design that suits a doctor’s visiting card may not work for a lawyer.

Here are some dos and don’ts that will help you choose the right business card template based on your preferences.


  1. Simplicity is the best.

The thumb rule of a professional business card is to keep them simple and sophisticated. You don’t want your card to look unnecessarily vibrant and bold. Keep the card informative and provide all the essential details.

  1. A logo is the center of attraction.

Your logo is the symbol of your brand thus; it must be included on the business cards. Protect your logo from piracy by officially registering it and then go for business card printing.

  1. Keep the white space.

You might think that the white space could make the card look boring, but that is not true. Leaving enough white space will help the viewer's eye travel across your card smoothly. The main focus of the business card is the contact details, so opt for a basic white card. Colourful backgrounds distract the viewer’s attention.

  1. Try the online design services.

With the advancement in technology, some online visiting card printing portals allow you to design them yourself. They will then print business cards with your design on them. They are budget-friendly options and you can get the job done while sitting in your home comfortably. These portals provide default business card templates to choose from. You can customize the cards by selecting the text, background colour, and other elements to be included on your card.

  1. Readability over creativity.

Yes, creativity is important to grasp the viewer’s gaze but not more than the information. The card should not be over the top so that the details aren’t visible clearly. The font style and size should be perfect so that potential clients don’t need to wear their eyeglasses especially to read them.

  1. Check for the typos.

Typos are the most common misprints found on most visiting cards. These little misspelled words can degrade your brand’s image and you will be judged on those. Your cards should be presentable. So don’t leave out any information to be handwritten. Simply get your business card design reprinted.


  1. Avoid bold colours.

You might think that bright colours might attract clients to have a look at your business card, but that is not the case. If you work for a professional and more formal business, then try to include the formal colour scheme of blues, greys, blacks, and other subdued colours.

  1. Don’t overdo it.

Always remember when it comes to visiting card printing, less is more. Design your cards strategically. If you want to include a pop of colour then keep it minimal.

  1. Use high-quality paper.

Before going for an online visiting card printing, make sure that they use thicker paper to print. Cheap and thin papers don’t the first impression on the customers.

  1. Update the details.

If any information about phone numbers, addresses, etc. has changed then get a new set of business cards. You can keep the same business card design and edit the information.

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