Medical Marijuana has the ability to restore the body’s natural healing system. These properties are the reason that marijuana treatment is so effective at relieving symptoms caused by a wide range of medical conditions and illnesses.

Marijuana has been shown to help decrease pain, nausea and vomiting after chemotherapy, and help patients suffering from painful and/or debilitating conditions. Although controversial, there are many minors who suffer from conditions who would also benefit from Medical Marijuana Card Sunrise treatment.

Minors who suffer from debilitating medical conditions and illnesses are at a high risk of suffering a decreased quality of life. Caring for a minor and witnessing the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs is difficult. This has parents in Sunrise wondering: Can minors be certified for medical marijuana treatment?

Medical Marijuana Card Sunrise

Misinformation Threatens the Treatment of Minors

When parents seek Medical Marijuana Sunrise treatment for a minor, it is often as a last resort. They are simply desperate to find a healthier way to relieve the symptoms of their child’s illness or condition. The side effects that are caused by synthetic drugs can be concerning, even intolerable for children and parents. Yet, the stigma against marijuana for minors can also result in social judgement. This is unfair as parents are only seeking a safer, healthier alternative to synthetic drugs. This judgment and misinformation threaten a minor patient’s accessibility to marijuana treatment.

Families of Minors Suffer Financial Barriers to Treatment

It may be easy for adults to get approved for marijuana, but laws make it more difficult for the families of ill minors. Parents are required to pay for a Medical Marijuana Card Sunrise for their minor and also pay for registration as the designated ‘caregiver’. Additionally, if they are also a patient, they must pay to register for their own personal marijuana card. This creates a financial barrier for families who are likely to already suffer extensive healthcare expenses. Medical Marijuana Sunrise

Minor Cancer Patients Need Marijuana in Their Treatment plans

The majority of patients that are undergoing cancer treatment suffer from severe nausea and vomiting after chemotherapy. This is a miserable and traumatic side effect that endangers a patient’s emotional and physical health. In children, the side effects of chemotherapy can be life threatening. Chemotherapy can leave minor patients severely dehydrated, malnourished, and depressed. Medical Marijuana has been shown to eliminate nausea and vomiting after chemotherapy in nearly all patients. This makes a significant and critical part of a minor patient’s cancer treatment plan. Medical Marijuana Card Sunrise

Minors Must Have Terminal Illness to Smoke Marijuana

Because of the dangers of smoking, even adults in Sunrise were not allowed to ingest marijuana through smoking marijuana until 2019. Minors are still banned from ingesting their Marijuana Medication in this manner except in very severe circumstances. Smoking does allow the medicine to work much faster than other methods. However, because of the dangers of smoking, a minor must be diagnosed with a terminal illness, and have written consent from a guardian that acknowledges the dangers of this method of ingestion. The issue with this law is that caregivers would like the ability to buy the loose flower, not for their child to smoke, but to put it into edibles so that it is easy for their child to ingest. Medical Marijuana Card Sunrise

Minors Must Meet Specific Medical Marijuana Criteria

It is possible for minors to get their Medical Marijuana Card Sunrise if they meet certain criteria. Firstly, minors must be diagnosed with one of the qualifying conditions that have been determined by the state. These include:
  • Cancers
  • HIV
  • AIDS
  • Epilepsy
  • Crohn’s
  • MS
  • ALS
  • Other Terminal and or Debilitating Conditions
The process can be lengthier and more costly for minors to obtain approval for Medical Marijuana Sunrise. Unlike adults, children must have been diagnosed with a qualifying condition, and guardians must complete the following:
  1. Receive recommendation from your child’s regular physician.
  2. Schedule an evaluation with a Marijuana Doctor. My Florida Green has certified marijuana physicians in locations near Sunrise, and throughout the state.
  3. If the physician deems marijuana medication to be an appropriate treatment, parents must then wait for notification of the minor patient’s approval.
After approval, parents and/or guardians will need to complete registration online for a card as the designated caregiver, and a card for their minor child. Each minor is only allowed one designated caregiver. This is the only person who will be permitted to purchase their medication. Medical Marijuana Card Sunrise

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