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HIIT is a popular word in the circuit of fitness and exercise. Shortage of time is no more an excuse to skip gyms. HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training helps burn the same number of calories as does 45 minutes running. Excited to try out this new mantra of fitness training? Keep these facts in mind to be ready for your HIIT classes at Richmond.

Get Surprised Every Day

The structure of HIIT classes in Melbourne is varied. The Docklands boxing gym will surprise you with new activities and training almost every day. Do not be surprised if one day you are punching bags and the next day you are invited for a fight right into the boxing ring. Kettlebells, jump ropes, free weights, boxes, and steps are some of the common activities you will experience as a part of HIIT.

Another popular HIIT format is the Tabata. This refers to 20 seconds of workout and then 10 seconds of rest. This activity is performed in sets of eight, that is, for 4 minutes.

Sweat a Lot& Detox

Do not forget to bring a towel to your HIIT Classes at Docklands. You have to jump, use your upward power, contract muscles, and ultimately be out of breath. The experts even get their heart rate pushed to 90% under this high-intensity training.

Do not be shocked if you are certainly taken out of the boxing gym and asked to exercise on the road! This ultimately offers loads of fresh oxygen to the body and acts as a natural detoxifier. To complete the HIIT, ensure to stretch your complete body (head, neck, wrists, legs, shoulders, arms, backs, and abs) at least for 5 minutes.

Take the Class Anytime

High-Intensity Interval Training, HIIT classes in Melbourne are meant for all. So, if you are too busy to attend every day, you can take these classes as per your time. HIIT is so varied that people usually try to spare 15 minutes of their time every day to attend the classes. If you are looking forward to a quick session to stay in shape, then you may join these sessions even along with your colleagues.

It Is Safe

High-Intensity Interval Training should not scare you. The boxing HIIT Classes at Richmond are conducted by professionals. So, they give you training and choose your activities after determining your capability.

If you are new to HIIT, coaches will take you through regular fitness courses before teaching you HIIT exercises. Some of the boxing gyms even ask for medical certificates and authorization letters from parents before enrolment.

So choose the appropriate level of class as per your strength and yes, HIIT is safe for you.

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