When the children surf the web, this means they are literally exposed to online scams. Hence, it is imperative when your children use internet connected devices they should be aware of internet scams. Hackers especially designed different types of online scams in order to steal the personal information of the children and they use this information to commit various crimes or frauds. Webroot team just wants their user to be aware that how they can educate their kids in order to protect them from online scams. This antivirus provides great features for the protection of kids such as Parental Control which gives complete security to the children from online threat and can install via www.webroot.com/safe find the installation with free key code .

Steps To Educate Your Kids To Avoid Online Scams:

  • First Educate Yourself:

The first step which you should take to secure your children from online scams is to Educate yourself. The parent should be very much aware of the current internet scams so that they can properly teach their kids such as fake Wi-Fi hotspots, social media scams and the phishing email messages like click on a phishing link or attachment and the bogus pop-ups warning which install viruses and malware in your devices. Also the scams related to antivirus programs, in which the hackers will assure you that the antivirus is legitimate but in reality it will install malware or infect your device with a virus instead of fixing it.

  • Teach Warning Signs:

When you are completely aware of online scams then you should teach you should teach your kids about the signs of online scams. When hackers plan a scam, then there is lot of grammatical or spelling error like scammer will send you message in which there is lot of spelling or grammatical error. If you get message like there is a great deal, then it might be a scam and hackers tries to make this messages so that it appears legitimate.

  • Manipulating Emotions:

Another way of hackers is to play with your emotions. They try to target those persons who have financial stress, loneliness or they have frustration within them. In this situation, hackers do not ask for money, but they will ask for personal information so that they can steal the identities. For more details about Webroot, visit to www.webroot.com/safe.

  • Kids Talent Searches:

In this type of scam, hackers specifically target children. In this scams, hackers will suggest children to joins a modeling agency or they just invite them for a screen test. Firstly this type of schemes looks real but later on they will ask for money if the child wants to continue working with the agency.

  • Scholarship Scams:

In this scam, hackers targets children in which they are giving opportunity to the children on the behalf of academic achievement but, later they ask for fees.

  • Communication:

The parents should have clear and open communication with the children. In case, if they get any kind of stress then the children should always come to you and discuss with you about the suspicious messages or pop-ups warnings which they receive, and you should regularly discuss with them about the online scams. You should also set the time limit for the children for using Internet.

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