PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQs) are like a checklist for Merchants and Service Providers to comply with their PCI DSS requirements. The SAQs are required to be duly filled and submitted yearly to the acquiring bank for entities to demonstrate their compliance with the latest version of the PCI Data Security Standards.

The PCI Council has listed out 8 PCI SAQs for the Merchants and Service Providers to choose from, based on their business and the way they process credit card transactions. Selecting the right one applicable for your business is crucial. That said, it may indeed be a bit overwhelming for the entities to determine which one applies to them. But to address that the PCI Council has also charted out different types of SAQ’s and their applicability based on the way the cards are processed. So here is a quick summary of different PCI SAQs and requirements that entities must meet for each to comply with the PCI Standard. But before that let us understand the Merchant levels to which SAQs are applicable.