Yashtimadhu :- Epilepsy or seizure issue is an amazingly normal problem that effects around 1 million individuals in India, alone. The condition can't be restored however the indications can be controlled and treated to help the patient's condition. Epilepsy brings about seizures because of the breaking down of nerve cells or neurons. There are a few reasons with respect to why epilepsy occurs and a few sorts of medicines.

Yashtimadhu oil is an old ayurvedic substance that is known to make the help epilepsy. It centers around adjusting the energies or doshas very much like other ayurvedic drugs and recuperates the underlying driver of the issue. It is known to work for epilepsy by a comprehensive methodology.

Yashtimadhu oil utilizes are tremendous. It is otherwise called mulethi in Hindi or Liquorice in English.

  • Respiratory and Digestive issues – Yashtimadhu oil or Yashtimadhu powder is utilized by Ayurveda to treat a few issues identified with breath and processing. Mulethis is known to profit and work on dependable states of corrosiveness.

  • To hold the cholesterol level under control – Yashtimadhu or Licorice plant's root is known to be viable for holding the cholesterol levels in line by expanding the great cholesterol and diminishing the terrible cholesterol and protects you from deadly failing of substantial organs.

  • Improves the strength of your Liver – Yashtimadhu or mulethi is known to liberate the body from your poisons and keep your liver solid by cleansing your body from within.