Cat scratchers and crystal kitty litter are two of the “must haves” of any cat owner. But choosing the right ones might be a bit tricky, especially for a first time owner. That is why research is so important before making any purchase. Luckily there are many websites that can help you with valuable information and tips on how to avoid any risks.

Why Is Crystal Cat Litter So Appreciated?

Thousands of years ago cats were revered as gods by the ancient Egyptians. They would have their own personal servants tending to their every need and whim. It is safe to assume that they would have had a person in charge of cleaning up after them. Nowadays, although their god-like status has been widely revoked, cats still need a lot of attention and care in order to live long and healthy lives. That includes taking care of number 1s and 2s. Although cat owners can’t really reproduce the grandeur of the litter box that was the Saharan desert, they are trying to offer their favorite companions the next best thing.

Crystal cat litter is one of the more high-tech and high-quality options when it comes to litter boxes. That is because it has been developed in more recent years. The crystals in the cat litter are made out of the same material that the silica packets are made out of. That is one of the reasons it is more absorbant than regular kitty litter. Crystal cat litter is a real blessing when it comes to capturing odors and liquids, and leaving your room smelling nice and clean for a longer time.

Another thing that makes crystal cat litter such a great option is the fact that, unlike regular old cat litter, that is made out of sand and other materials that absorb liquids, this new type of litter can be used for longer periods of time. In the old days, people needed to change the litter in their cats’ box relatively frequent. That meant more money and more work. But because crystal cat litter traps in smells and liquids far better than other litters, that means that it can be used for longer periods of time.

One of the biggest drawbacks of regular kitty litter is that it can easily be spread around the house. That’s because when it gets wet it sticks to the paws of the cat and it can drag it out of the box and onto your hardwood floors, sofas and even windowsills. More so, regular kitty litter is easier to fling out of the box. Cats love hiding their scent, and that is why they will usually cover up what they do in the litter box. The way they do this is by scratching with their hind into the sand and effectively tossing it around. Anyone who has ever used regular litter knows that that is one hard clean-up. Crystal cat litter doesn’t act the same way. Because the granules are bigger, they are harder to toss out of the box. And also they do not stick to fur and paws like regular kitty litter.

4 Ways A Cat Scratcher Can Harm Your Pet and How to Avoid Them

Any good pet owner wants to give their friends the best. Either when talking about toys, food or simple snacks, each owner wants to treat and spoil their pet. The same goes for cat owners looking for the best cat scratcher for their feline friends. But although there are many options to choose from out there, owners should make sure that the scratcher they choose doesn’t hurt their little fur ball. And that’s because there are a lot of things one needs to consider when buying a cat scratcher. As simple as it might seem at first, there are a lot of hidden risks owners should always be aware of.

One of the ways a cat scratcher can harm your precious kitty is through the materials used. A lot of companies, wanting to reduce production costs and maximize profits, cut some corners when it comes to the type of materials they use. For instance, most of them use lead-based paints for decorative elements on their scratchers. Paint chips can be quite harmful to cats if ingested or sucked through the nose. They can lead to severe internal wounds. The best way to avoid such a risk is by making sure that the paints used on your scratcher are all water-based. You can do this by researching the company that makes it. Most of them will list the type of materials they use, especially if they are harmless to pets and environment.

Another big risk cat owners face when choosing the right cat scratcher is the use of low-quality materials in the scratchers. Cats are very active animals, when they’re not napping of course. That means that they need a scratcher that will withstand their energy bursts and be able to keep them entertained for long periods of time. That means that there are no rooms for errors. Some manufacturers might skimp on some materials, using plastic instead of wood or metal. That can seriously injure your pet. The best way to avoid such a risk is by looking very closely to the scratchers that can be found on the market and compare them. You will the right one for you and your pet, but it might take a little bit longer than expected.

One of the biggest risks associated with finding a cat scratcher is the actual scratching surface. This has to be made out of harmless, but also abrasive, materials in order to get the cat to use it. Some companies that produce these scratchers can replace these surfaces with regular sandpaper, for instance. This can cause serious problems to the cats’ claws and paws. They can get scratched and infected and that can lead to more severe problems down the road. The best thing to do in this situation is to start researching what scratching surfaces should be made out of and start comparing your finds with what is on the market.

A risk that many cat owners might not associate immediately with a cat scratcher, but which is most certainly related, is that of loss of interest for other toys. Some pet owners might think that a cat spending a lot of time on a scratcher is a good thing. It is not always so. Although many scratchers have a lot of elements for cats to explore and play with, that doesn’t mean that that should be their sole point of focus. One way of avoiding such problems is to periodically remove the scratcher from its place and return it after a few days. This way the cat will focus on other things during those days and then they will find the scratcher interesting again.