Sometimes it is difficult to know what your skin needs to be as healthy as possible. Every day we are bombarded by advertising campaigns for various skincare and cosmetic products as well as advice from social media influencers and other beauty gurus. get the glowing complexion you want.This article will help answer those questions by providing 5 evidence-based tips on what you can do to get the glowing complexion you want.

  • Wash Your Face Daily

The first and most important rule is not to break: remember to wash your face! Cleaning and treating your skin twice a day is the best way to keep pimples away. For emergencies where you are too tired to wash your face, keep a supply of facial tissues in your nightstand drawer.

  • Don't skip the moisturizer

If your skin is oily you might be tempted to skip your morning moisturizer, but drying your skin can make acne worse. It's important to choose the right moisturizer so the pimples don't get worse or the skin becomes oily.

  • The sun is responsible for fine lines

Ninety percent of fine lines are caused by sun exposure, making sunscreen the ultimate ingredient for younger-looking skin. Use a sun protection factor of 30 or more every day. -Day

  • Be gentle on your skin

Rubbing too hard will make the skin rough and red. Don't fight with your face. Avoid harsh scrubs and even wipes, which can be too harsh on your face and cause irritation, which in turn can make you more prone to breakouts. When you use your hands, make sure they are clean, or you will transfer acne-causing dirt and oil back onto your face.

  • Feed Your Face

There have been so many mixed messages about food - don't eat pizza, fat creates fat, chocolate is the enemy, it's tempting to ignore it. Current research to the rescue! Experts have found that sugar, high-glycemic foods (white rice, white bread, pasta, potatoes), and skim milk can make pimples worse. Dr. Jaliman recommends a diet rich in antioxidants, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, green and black tea, and fish. When it is difficult to obtain these antioxidants from food, nutritional supplements are a smart alternative.