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Common issues that users face in MS Excel

Microsoft Excel, also known as the spreadsheet program, is used to enter and combine data. The data is arranged in rows and columns. Additionally, the user can perform a variety of calculations including merging, sorting, summation, and more. Visual basic for application (VBA) or Add-in can be used to create the functions. Excel users may encounter some common issues.

Below are some Microsoft Excel Problems Anyone Could Face While Using Microsoft Excel

  • It is not possible to launch Microsoft Excel from the start menu
  • Continue to display an error message when you launch excel
  • When one attempts to run an add in, there is an "unspecified error".
  • Invalid object library
  • Picture error: In this case, the image may be too large and will not be displayed.
  • Memory problems and depletion of resources
  • There are several ways to get rid of COM add-ins
  • Problems installing Solver add-in
  • Installation problems with the Analysis tookpak

These are the most common problems that can be found in MS Office and its products. We can help you resolve all of these problems.

Microsoft Excel Support: Best Help

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