Nowadays, smartphones have become a go-to device for everyone. It is the only device that everyone has in their pocket. It is nothing short of a multi-tasking device with which people do official as well as personal tasks. Modern smartphones have become so technology-driven that one can find out incredible camera features, prudent hardware, seamless software, and monstrous storage. One can do almost every task with them. Therefore, a lot of people store a lot of media and official files right under the hood of their smartphones.

Why it’s important to take the backup on Android phones?

But, as it’s a technical device it may encounter any virus or technical problem that may cause loss of data. Or, you may lose your smartphone while traveling somewhere. Thus, it becomes highly essential to have a consistent backup of your Android phone to save your data. Owning a phone comes with a threat of breakage, getting misplaced, or being stolen. All these issues further bring in the financial burden of replacing your phone. Many people not having a backup of their calendar, photos, important documents, etc. adds to the stress of losing essential and precious data that they have created over time.

No wonder, backing up your Android phone has become a new necessity but one cannot deny the fact that it can get confusing. The backup process for some Android phones might be different. But, somehow, every Android phone has an almost similar process to take the backup. So, to solve the mystery here is a simple method to back up almost all Android phones:

In every Android phone, you can find Google’s backup service. However, Samsung offers its own Galaxy backup service along with a Google backup plan. Thus, you can use either of the two.