There are several benefits to using a GPS fleet tracking system. Fleet management and vehicle control are made much easier with GPS fleet tracking. GPS tracking enables fleet managers to accurately map the location of every vehicle in real-time. This reduces fuel costs, employee theft and unproductive time during off hours.

GPS fleet tracking software also helps improve driver performance. Vehicle maintenance reminders are made easy through the use of GPS technology. Detailed information on vehicle maintenance alerts can be downloaded so that the maintenance manager can send out notifications of upcoming scheduled maintenance visits. In addition, the vehicle maintenance log can be accessed from any computer so that all repairs and preventative maintenance trips can be planned ahead of time. The convenience of easy scheduled maintenance reminders makes for more efficient work hours, even when the schedule is not strictly followed.

Fleet management becomes easy with gps fleet tracking software because the data is available at any time. Employees can access the information at their computer and make informed decisions. The availability of real-time data minimizes costs and the potential for costly human error. Maintenance alerts can also be received and vehicle repair orders can be sent out more quickly. Because it's easy to access information, there is less need to physically go to the location to retrieve information.

One of the most important benefits of GPS fleet tracking software is the ease of monitoring fleets. Maintaining tabs on in-house employee routes is difficult, costly and time-consuming. By using a web-based application, it is simple to monitor employee route patterns and ensure that employees are actually taking the route that is recommended. Also, when using a web-based mapping application, it is easy to see where vehicles are located. Even when traveling, drivers can check the status of the vehicle in real time and catch problems before they become major problems.

GPS devices are readily available at many locations today. Car dealerships, car rental companies, truck rental services, and even several retail outlets carry the hardware. In addition, several businesses have decided to outfit their fleets with gps tracking devices. Many automobile dealers offer fleets discounts for purchasing GPS tracking devices, as well as installation or monthly maintenance fees for the hardware.

GPS devices offer a variety of benefits, but the most obvious benefit of using gps fleet tracking software is the efficiency that it brings to the company. Because it is so easy to use, the staff must not only be aware of their route and time, but they must know which employee is getting the most efficiency miles. Aligning the driving patterns of employees is possible through this software and can increase efficiency by as much as 15% per mile driven. Using a tracking device reduces the potential for costly human error, reduces the need for on the job training, and increases employee productivity. Because the technology is so simple to use and understand, many companies are finding that using gps tracking devices is one of the best ways to streamline their business.