Don't seek reassurance

Instead, tell yourself the worst will happen, is occurring, or has already happened. Reassurance will wipe out the consequences of any therapy homework you employ and stop you from improving. Reassurance-seeking may be a compulsion, regardless of how you'll attempt to justify it.

Don't expect perfection

Perfectionism is often another feature of OCD. You'll find your OCD telling you that if you don’t do your homework perfectly, you won’t recover. If you end up obsessing about having to try to do your homework perfectly, you risk turning it into another compulsion. Be careful about having to try to do your homework consistent with equivalent rigid rules whenever you are doing it. Also, don’t do your homework so excessively that it takes up your whole day. Remember that you simply still have a life to measure.

Be honest to your psychiatrist

As half the therapist-patient team, you ought to be ready to have a say in your therapy. The goal is for the homework to supply some anxiety for you to urge won’t to tolerating to not overwhelm you with it and cause you a setback. On the opposite hand, don’t be afraid to stretch yourself a touch whenever you'll. Be honest together with your Psychiatrist in Indore.

Accept the grey

Don’t tell yourself that one slip-up means you're now a complete failure. If you slip and do a compulsion, you'll always turn it around and do something to cancel it. The great news is that you simply are during this for the end of the day, and you usually get another chance. it's normal to make mistakes when learning new skills, especially in therapy. It happens to everyone now then. Accept it.

Expect everything

You can have a fanatical thought at any time or anywhere. Don’t be surprised when old or maybe new ones occur. Don‘t let it throw you. Be prepared to use your therapy tools at any time, and anywhere. Also, if new thoughts appear, make certain to inform your therapist so you'll keep them informed.

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