Vardhman Wool Group one of the most important vertically integrated textiles conglomerates in India, with 23 manufacturing units spanning across 6 states and a committed task force of 27000 people. The Group’s business portfolio includes Yarn, Greige, and Processed Fabric, Sewing Thread, Acrylic Fibre, Garments, and steel.The manufacturing facilities of Vardhman Wool include over 1.1 million spindles, 600 tonnes per day of yarn production, 460 million meters of cloth processing once a year, 43 tonnes per day sewing thread production, 20000 metric tonnes once a year of acrylic fibre production and over 5000 shirts manufacturing per day.

Vardhman group of companies is a major integrated textile producer in India. The Group has expanded and is today the largest textile conglomerate in India. The group is structured in such a way as to have a central holding company that is used for investing in the different group companies. The holding company in this case is Vardhman Holdings limited and the group companies are Vardhman Textiles (61%), Vardhman Industries (65%) and Vardhman Acrylic (60%). Vardhman textiles in-turn has holding in VMT Spinning (73.33%), Vardhman threads (100%) and Vardhman yarns and threads (11%).