Focus Softnet is the best ERP software vendor in the Middle East(Saudi Arabia, Qatar. Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Kenya).

Our business technology assists firms in streamlining operations, increasing efficiencies and automating all processes. Our cloud ERP software systems are packed with industry-ready templates and customized features and are powered by powerful AI.

Focus ERP Modules:

Business Intelligence Module
Contract Management Module
CRM Module
Equipment Servicing Module
Finance & Accounting Module
Human Resource Module
Manufacturing Module
Project Costing Module
Warehouse Module
Trading & Distribution Module
Fixed Assets Management Module
Inventory Management Module
Pos module
Quality Control Module
Supply chain management module

Verticals We Cater:

Wholesale Distribution
Education Management
Building & Construction
Retail Management
Warehousing & Logistics
Trade & Services
Marine Engineering
Cleaning Solutions
Laundry Management
Food & Beverage
Rental & Services
Field Service Management
Waste Management

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