Have you tried a variety of anti-aging creams? If you have not received a positive response, you are not alone. Every year, new products enter the market, but they do not cause any major improvement. Most anti-aging facial products are produced with synthetic components and chemicals that generate only short-term results & frequently induce side effects on sensitive skin.

Many customers switch creams every month because they see that their current creams are causing them problems. Some of the synthetic ingredients you should avoid are parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil, alcohol, and artificial fragrances. Those substances will not improve the health of your skin. They only work on the surface of the skin.

On the other hand, there are some great Anti Aging facial treatments offered by renowned spas like Revive Beauty Solutions that work at the cellular level. It means that these creams & treatments do not stay just on the surface but also stimulate your cells to restore your skin and improve your health.

Some anti-aging creams include collagen in their formulates, intending to smooth the skin. However, that is useless because collagen molecules can not penetrate the skin. They are too large, so there is no benefit at all. But there is a natural compound used by renowned spas which contains functional keratin and has been adequately proven to stimulate the skin to produce new collagen protein.

That is very powerful because it diminishes wrinkles and makes your skin look younger without side effects. Now, you need to make the right choice and visit renowned spas that utilize clinically proven compounds & treatments to improve your skin. Don't forget to avoid substances that damage your skin, including smoke and alcohol.

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