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The air purifier for home and family also includes a water-based or water-based revitalizer. They use water to clean the air, which is what their name suggests.

An air purifier that uses water is, in many ways a variation of an air purifier. These machines can remove allergens, pollen, spores, dust and other contaminants from the air. They can be used as aroma diffusers and humidifiers in addition to filtering the air.

This post is aimed to inform you of all there is to know about water based air purifiers. This post will describe how these machines function, their pros and cons, and how they compare to traditional models.

You might be surprised at how clean the air outside smells after a storm. You can often see farther after a rainstorm, not only does it smell cleaner, but also the air feels fresher. This is because rain collects all pollutants from the air, including pollen, dust, and smoke. This is how an air-cleaner made from water works. It is contained in your home and doesn't rain!

To learn more about air purifiers and dust reduction, check out our post entitled "Do Air Purifiers Reduce Dust?" Rest assured, they do, and most of them do so. But water-based air rejuvenators aren't the best at reducing tiny particles in the air. HEPA filters work best to remove microscopic particulates. Although water-based systems can still be effective at dust reduction, they are quite affordable.

Water is an effective and efficient way to clean. This is why air purifier for home is used to wash our hands. Water-based air rejuvenaters make this possible by running your home’s dirty air through a spinning vortex water. The water grabs all the pollutants and releases them into clean, healthy air.

You can double the function of an oil-based air revitalizer by using them as oil diffusers and humidifiers. This is an added benefit that can be a real plus, especially if your company is looking to purchase either one of these systems. Continue reading for more information about these great extras.

There are many pros and cons to water-based air purifiers. For your convenience, we have created a table listing all the pros and cons.

These are usually very affordable. They can't fight mold or fungi.
Doubles as an air humidifier light! Potential mold and fungi problems can be caused by an increase in humidity.
You can use it as an oil diffuser. It is less effective in filtering air than a traditional air purifier.
Easy maintenance You can't remove odors with an air purifier without a carbon filter.
You can replace your filter cheaply. This is water that has been removed from your machine. They generally have a narrow range of utility. (Usually used in small to mid-sized rooms).
Simple to use This can lead to the growth of mold and viruses.
The background runs quietly. Every now and again, you will need to get cleaned.
Can be used to provide aromatherapy, while also cleaning the air. If you're not careful, it can be sprayed.

Many of the above pros and cons highlight the differences between fabric-based and water-based purification. This is one of the major selling points for these units. These machines are much cheaper than traditional air purifiers and are also easier to maintain.

The traditional air purifiers usually have one filter, which must be replaced every now and again. It is not uncommon for units to have several filters. This can make it difficult and expensive to replace. An air-based revitalizer that is water-based is simple to use, maintain, as well as ready for use right out the faucet.

These water-based filters are less effective than their traditional counterparts. If you require very clean, not just "fresh", air, you should consider a conventional purifier, and be prepared to pay a higher price. We recommend purchasing a unit with HEPA filters, or True HEPA filters, to ensure the best quality air.

For more information on traditional filters and their importance, see our article. This article explains the benefits of each type of filter.


Water, at a molecular level is very sticky. Many people don’t know the details of one of humanity’s most essential things. We won't bore anyone with water's sticky characteristics. Let us continue, but let you do the research if it interests you.

While stagnant water may accumulate pollutants from its environment, stirring or making waves can make it a much better filter. This, along with the fact water is sticky, is a result of scientific reasons many people take as a given. You can increase your water's surface area by making waves. You can increase the surface area of your water (i.e., making waves), but you will also be cleaning your air.


As we mentioned, water-based rejuvenates take the basic idea of a rainfallstorm and make it smaller to help you and your home. This gives you a refreshing, fresh feeling of air. Conventional air purifiers can dry your home as moisture can be captured in their filters. While a air purifier for home can do the opposite.

Water-based air purifiers can be an invaluable asset to anyone's home, and their price point generally makes them an easy choice. It is often cheaper to use water-based air rejuvenators than other types of purifiers. The area they cover (how much space you can fit them into) is usually many times greater than conventional air purifiers at the same price point. This means that you are getting more bang for your bucks.

The unit's lower price may not be appealing to everyone, but it might for you. They are easy-to-maintenance and do not require expensive filter replacements like traditional air purifiers. Your filter is as simple as water! You can replace it for as little as a couple of cents and not as much money! Check out our article on what water based air purifiers do!


Water-based air rejuvenators can help almost everyone. They clean, humidify, run quiet, and can also be used as an oil diffuser. You can use them to make your air cleaner, more fresh, or more fragrant (as long as you have a scent).

These machines can help some people, however.

Mild Allergies - Sufferers

Water-based air revitalizers can remove allergens in the air. This can help you save a lot of time and effort during seasons when your allergies are severe. You may want to consider a HEPA filter-equipped conventional purifier if your allergies are severe. The air smells so fresh that it can eliminate lingering smells in your home.

Pet owners

If you have owned a pet for any length of the past, you are well aware that pets can sometimes cause a lot of stink. Aromatherapy and scent options are great for purifying and cleaning. Water purifiers can be used to clean the air and remove unpleasant odors. Many pet owners add water and fragrances to increase the smell. These purifiers come with separate fragrances. These machines will definitely assist you in your quest for fresh air from pet dander smoke.

People with Household Odors or Smokers

They can help people with persistent odors in their homes, as well as smokers, because they are air purifier for home. You can mask the odors using aromatic oils. You may still need to purchase an activated charcoal filter and keep a spare filter handy in case of persistent odors and air pollutants.


Air humidifiers are capable of releasing large amounts water into the air. This is precisely what they were intended to do. A water-based revitalizer, however, will release a smaller amount of water into your home. If you need to increase the humidity in your home by a very small amount, a water-based filter can be a great option.

Water-based air revitalizers are intended to "revitalize," which can include both cleaning and slight humidification. These units will not perform as well as properly-built units, such as an air humidifier. But they'll still do a great job of what they were designed to do: making your home's atmosphere more inviting. Fill the purifier container with water. The water filters should be cleaned more often than personal air purifiers.

To learn more about a humidifier-humidifier combo, check out our article that tells you what an air purifier humidifier combination unit is. These units are often more effective at humidifying than water-based air purifiers. The best option is to buy two separate units. Read our post to find out why!


Water-based air purifiers won't clean your home's air as well as an HEPA filter air purifier. However, water-based air purifiers still do a great job of filtering your home’s air. It is hard to imagine a special-made filter that can purify your home's air.

This is like comparing apples to oranges. Both machines can clean the air. But there are so many differences, that one machine can't do it all. Each machine has its advantages and disadvantages.

A water-based machine, like an air purifier, can clean your home's atmosphere and add humidity to make it feel more refreshing. An air purifier equipped with a HEPA filter has one purpose: to clean the air inside your home. It can do it very well.

This water-based air revitalizer is one we have purchased several times because we love it so!

There are three scents available, and they all smell amazing!


It is recommended that your water basin be cleaned at least once per week depending on how frequently you use the machine. A thorough cleaning of your unit should be done at least once per month.

Your machine can be susceptible to mold, bacteria and other dangerous organisms, as it is constantly using water. These organisms could quickly overrun your machine. If it is not cleaned properly, or often enough, these organisms can use it to spread throughout your home. Air purifier for home can be cleaned with your vacuum cleaner. Use a bleach solution to clean your purifier. Then, read your manual. This is not a problem if you follow the instructions of the manufacturer and take proper care.


Here are some suggestions for cleaning your water-based oxygen revitalizer. It is important to note that each machine is unique and the manufacturer's instructions should prevail over our recommended process. Step five can be skipped if you're only doing one of the weekly water changes.

  1. Turn off your machine, then unplug it.

    1. This is a safety problem, so please be careful! Water and electricity don't mix well together, so unplug the machine before you clean it.
  2. The top should be removed

    1. This could be as simple as releasing the clap or unscrewing the top depending on your machine's design.
  3. The fan should be removed

    1. A fan is a must for all revitalizers. The fan will collect all of the moist and dirty air, which can cause them to become clogged over time. To ensure the purest possible air, it is crucial to clean these parts.
  4. The top of the unit should be wiped clean

    1. The top of your machine can be washed with anything, from an antibacterial wipe to wet dishtowel. These parts shouldn't ever be submerged in water or rinsed with it. These are the electronic components of your unit.
  5. Clean the water basin

    1. You would clean it the same way you would for your weekly drinking water change. You can dump it and rinse it with soapy warm water. Then, wipe it clean with a wet rag.
  6. Wash the stems of your unit

    1. This is the part that extends down into your machine's basin. Use a Q-tip to clean the inside. It is possible for residue to build up over time.
  7. Let it dry then put it back together

    1. You can dry your unit by placing it in the sunlight from time to other. You can kill any germs by using the UV radiation of the sun.
    2. If you are unable to dry it in the sun, then letting it air dry is sufficient.
    3. When your unit has dried, you can put the pieces back together, refill your basin and plug it in. Before plugging it in again, ensure that all electronic parts (the plug and the top) have dried completely.

You think you are ready to buy an air purifier for home made of water? Our article on the five best water-based air purifiers that we recommend is available here.

Frequently Asked Question

Can Water-Based Air Revitalizers Clean the Air Well?

Water-based air rejuvenaters can clean out your home of dust. These products are not designed to remove the smallest particulates. A traditional purifier that includes a HEPA air filter would be a good choice if clean air is your main concern. You can use an air purifier to purify your air and keep it smelling fresh.

What are the best scents for my water-based Air Revitalizer?

You can find a wide range of scents from many manufacturers. There are many essential oils available that can produce a different aroma. Add a few drops to the unit's water bowl to add a fragrance. Be careful not to overdo it. A little goes a very long way. The purifier becomes a fragrant machine that produces wonderful aromatherapy experiences.

What are Charcoal filters?

The charcoal and carbon filters are the same thing, so these terms are interchangeable. These filters are available in two types: activated and impregnated carbon. Impregnated can do all the same things as activated carbon, but it also targets VOCs that can be hazardous.

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