Now, the balloon arch has almost become a must-have for decoration parties, but for beginners, the idea of making a balloon arch seems daunting.
They have many questions to ask, such as which method is best? How many balloons? How long can they be placed in advance? and many more.
Tips for making balloon arches for beginners Now
Here are some tips and tricks that can help you not have to spend too much time preparing.
How big a balloon do you need? How many balloons do I need?
Balloon arches made of balloons of various sizes will look more interesting. The largest balloon is about 8-10 inches. Larger balloons are difficult to put between other balloons and easier to pop out of balloon tape. The number of balloons needed depends on how big your balloons are and how long your balloon arches are.

When did you start making balloon arches?
It takes you some time to make a balloon, and you need an hour to blow the balloon. Of course, this is on the premise that you use the tools. After you blow the balloon, you need about three hours to connect the balloon arches together. The finished balloon arch will not last long, so if your balloon arch is indoors, go for it. However, if you want to set it outside, I suggest you wait until the day of the event to set it up.
How can the balloon arch maintain its outstanding appearance for a long time?
The trick is to use high-quality balloons, avoid sunlight and control the temperature. This is very important. If you do well enough, your balloon arch can last for at least a week.

what do you need?
Balloon Arch Kit
Party background
Tape or string
Balloon size instrument
Hand-held balloon pump
Tips for making balloon arches for beginners Now
Hope these can be useful for you to make balloon arches. If you want to know where to buy a suitable balloon arch kit, you can visit There are a variety of high-quality party backdrops and balloon arch kits for birthday parties, weddings, and baby shower parties. I believe you can find what you want.