After removing Webroot from their device, sometimes users still find the traces of Webroot antivirus. For more information related to Webroot, go to getting the downloading key.

Why User wants to Uninstall Webroot From their Device?

As you all know that Webroot is the best security program which provides protection of your files and data on the internet. But sometimes the presence of an antivirus in your device comes with lot of issues such as:

  1. Sometimes, it comes with several push notifications such as new updates or related to other things.
  2. It has issues with other third party apps and they block them from working.
  3. If the user is updating the operating system, antivirus can also cause problem.
  4. Antivirus spreads in all the parts of your Computer system and sometimes it becomes difficult to get rid of completely.

Webroot Removal Process:

Webroot antivirus provides two tools through which you can clean-up the program and then you cannot be able to view the traces in your system. There are three ways through which you can remove Webroot completely.

  • First Method:

First of all, you have to visit to the control panel from the start button. Then, you will get the option of uninstalling the programs. After this, you will right click on the computer properties and then you should create a system restore point. Now from the official website of Webroot antivirus, it will redirect you to a link for a cleanWDF tool. Then, you should double click on the tool which will help you to delete all the remaining drivers of the antivirus program. Here, you should tap on Yes option and then save the changes just by rebooting your computer system.

  • Second Method:

You should visit to the official Webroot website through and there you will find the wrupgrade tool. After this, you should tap on the tool link and just download it. Here, you have to save the downloaded file in your computer system for easy access. Now, you should double click on the file and then select the uninstall option for removing the remaining Webroot drivers. At last, you should tap on Ok button and then just shut down your computer system in order to save the changes.

  • Third Method:

You should open the start menu and then login as the administrator. After this, you should search for the command prompt box and then tap on it. Now, you should enter the command for uninstalling Webroot antivirus. At this point, you should tap on enter and then wait for a window to popup. Here, you should tap on yes option for confirming the procedure. This process will help you to clear out all the remaining traces of Webroot from your computer system.

Through this way, the user can easily uninstall the traces of Webroot antivirus from your device. But if the user need help, then they can visit to the site of Webroot antivirus through getting the free installation key code.