Due to the change in lifestyle of people parenting has become a quite challenging task. Requirements and demands of people increased and parents adopted the new parenting styles. Nowadays to maintain the economic condition and to fulfill the newer demands both father and mother started working. So due to their busy schedule, they are not able to pay attention to their kids. The biggest challenge for parents is to maintain the balance between their work and parenting duties. The duty of handling a child can be challenging and frustrating and come under tricky parenting bites. But this is a very wonderful experience. Parents have to face new challenges every day in their life. The major challenge in a parent's life is to deal with the growing age of the children, especially when children are 14+ they develop new ideas of driving, dating, funky clothes, etc.

The most common challenges faced by parents are:

Scarcity of time:

The biggest challenge most people face today is a scarcity of time. It becomes impossible to complete office tasks, perform household duties, look after kids, and spare some time for themselves. So to fulfill all the duties proper time management is very important. So your kids don’t suffer from a lack of parent’s attention. It’s important to look at your duties and not to ignore your kids. No matter how busy your schedule is, always spare time for your kids? Another thing is to teach your children to become self-sufficient when they are alone at home and parents are stuck somewhere. Children should learn basic skills.

Imbalanced Life:

Balancing career and family together is a big challenge faced by many parents. Parents can’t ignore their basic duties at home and in the office. But sometimes parents start fulfilling all unwanted needs of their children, even those which are not required. Parents should learn how to say “no”. In proving ourselves in the rat race, people are unable to enjoy the true essence of life. The happiness and peace of life are lost even after having all facilities and comforts. Lack of time is the biggest reason for families falling apart. Due to the lack of time, kids develop an inferiority complex. So balancing life and fulfilling all requirements are as important as your career.

Aggressive behavior of kids:

Today’s kids don’t like anyone’s interference in their life. They started answering back, arguing, and spending the most time on gadgets. If parents ask them anything and interfere in their life they just hate this. They think once they turn teens they become so independent in their life. The reason for their aggression is movies, action and violent movies, cartoons with negative traits. If parents don’t stop them from their actions their level of insecurities, stress, negativity, and aggression increase. These came under tricky parenting bites on how to stop your children from misbehaving. Sometimes in frustration children start throwing stuff at their parents and at one stage in life, their behavior becomes so annoying. Parents need to put lots of effort while handling their children.


Parents must teach their kids how to be self-independent and watch their small activities. Always manage the period and give proper time to your children. Develop healthy and friendly relationships with children. Both father and mother need to understand tricky parenting bites, parenting methods and handle common goals.