Juventus is a professional Italian soccer team that plays in the top division of Italian soccer. Among many of the Italian soccer teams, Juve is the most famous and long standing. In its history, it has won the Italian cup five times. There are many who believe that Juve has the best sporting director in the world. However, it does not necessarily mean that this Italian club can easily contend with the other European powerhouses. That is why some of the top Juve players are given below credit.

One of the all time great Juve player is the goalkeeper. For many years now, the goalkeeper is one position that Juve has perfected. For a long time now, goalkeeper is one position that Juve has perfected, and they even had to draft an extraordinary goalkeeper during their long history.

Another player that is an all-around attacking force for the Juve club is forward. strikers are one of the most vital and important players for any soccer club. For this reason, Juve has been an imposing force for the rest of the world. A talented attacking quartet of strikers has made Juve the most exciting club in the world.

Another reason that Juve is the best is the depth of their club. Players from Juve include defenders, midfielders, wingers, strikers, and even full backs. They are all specialists on their positions and each of them has proved that their skills can play an exceptional role in the tactics of any Juve football club. This is the type of quality and variety that can never be found in other Italian soccer clubs. Even if other Italian soccer clubs try to copy Juve's style of play, nothing can compare to the quality of Juve's players.

Defender is perhaps the position that Juve is most recognized in. With numerous good and experienced players, Juve is not afraid to bring a defender in the starting eleven and play him on the wing. The Italians have a number of great players that can fulfill the role of a defender, making the task of a coach harder than it actually is. It's more complicated because the coach usually has to choose a player who can defend a particular area with a certain style, something that he or she does not know yet.

Midfielders are the best option for Juve to use as their attacking threats. Playing as wingers, strikers, or even central defenders, there are a lot of options for Juve players to use when running onto the ball. Playing in advanced positions, these attackers can utilize their speed to get into the box and have chances to score. As for the defense, goalkeeper is the position that Juve relies on the most, especially when their opponents are shooting from close range. The club is known to train its players very well in goal-saving สโมสรยูเวนตุส.

Last but not least, Juve is the only Italian football club that is registered to play in two competitions; the Intertoto Cup and the Coppa Italia. The Turin giants have contested the Coppa Italia once before, beating AC Milan in the semi-finals. This is considered as one of the greatest sports achievements of the club, and a reason why they continue to be regarded as one of the best clubs in Italy.

All in all, Juve is considered as a top club, and this should be no surprise to fans and followers. The Turin giants have a rich history and have several achievements to boast of. Being one of the best Italian sides, there is no doubt that Juve will stand strong among the rest of the teams for years to come. But the main battle will of course be against Inter Milan, now the arch enemy of the Biancans. For Inter to reclaim their crown in the Italian footballing world, they need to beat Juve, and this is the battle that we will watch for many years to come. So make sure you are part of the madness when Inter Milan takes on Juve in the quarter finals of the Intertoto Cup!