Google introduced FRP Lock (Factory Reset Protection) Lock respectively to counter fraudulent activities that attempt to undermine factory reset options. For those who forgot their login details, or bought a secondhand device, this mobile device protocol proved to be problematic. FRP bypass was the result of this combination. Developers and tricksters came up with a solution.

This article will show you how to bypass FRP on any Android smartphone so that you can perform a hard reset. We won't be covering how to bypass activation lock on iPhones. That's another story.

Bypass FRP on Android Phone using FRP Bypass APK

FRP bypass APK can be used by anyone to bypass FRP from Google when logins are not recoverable. This app deletes your Google account from Android and unlocks it.

We felt it was necessary to inform all Android users that bypassing factory reset protection is now demanding. Google has made additional protocols and improvements to the FRP tool. It is not a problem. Here is a guide on how to use FRP Bypass.

This FRP Bypass APK can be used on all phones, not just Samsung. It is safe and free to use.

FRP Bypass Lock on Any Android Phone using FRP Bypass APK

  1. Click the above source link (all frp unlock tool download) to download the FRP bypass APK file.
  2. Once the download is completed, copy the.apk file onto a flash drive/USB.
  3. The FRP issue is now open. The USB on-the-go (OTG cable) connects the flash drive to your mobile device. It will open a file browser directly from your phone.
  4. Next, open Settings and enable the unknown sources option before installing the.apk file.
  5. Install the file to the device.
  6. After the installation is completed, open the app to access the settings menu.
  7. Tap on the Backup and Reset option.
  8. Finally, tap on Factory Data Reset and then click on the confirm button.

Congratulations! You can now restart your Android device, go through the welcome page, and skip adding a Google account later.