French Window Design

A French window is a beautiful and timeless window that allows natural light to flood into your home. This fascinating window design has a rich history and the ability to provide unobstructed views for your home. Let us explore a French window design, its history, some beautiful French window design ideas, and the installation of French windows in greater detail.

It is not easy to understand why the French window is so misunderstood. French windows are technically not French. You can walk through French windows like doors, but they are still classified as windows.

French doors are very similar to standard patio doors, so they are sometimes called French Doors by estate agents.

French windows look very similar to regular casement windows but are constructed slightly differently. French windows are casement windows that reach the floor and open in the middle. They can be placed on an exterior wall as well.

History of French Window Design

French windows are not French, as the name implies. French windows have a history that begins in Italy. If we look back further in history, French window design was first utilized by the Romans and Greeks.

The Renaissance saw the revival of the design principles of symmetry, proportion, and geometry, and the architects took inspiration from traditional Greek features such as columns, arches, and lintels. This trend can be seen in French window design.