A XYZ company is an Accounting firm which manages many clients (Account). Currently, all the files or attachments of all the accounts are stored in Salesforce and accounting person manually download the files/attachments and upload them on dropbox Account.

  1. Is there a way to manually sync few selected files or attachments from Salesforce to dropbox?
  2. Can we access the dropbox files directly in Salesforce without logging into dropbox account once the files are synced?


As Files or Attachments of any object’s record can be “Manually-Synced” to “dropbox” account, so we need to perform below steps to perform “Manual-Sync” functionality using File ZIPO:

Step 1: Add or Configure a new dropbox Account in File ZIPO
Step 2: Define the objects & folder which needs to be Synced across Salesforce &dropbox
Step 3: Manually Sync files or attachment from the File ZIPO UI
Step 4: Add the FileZIPO Sync Component on the Object’s record page to access Sync records

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